Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium


Christian Evidential Medium and Messenger from Heaven

About Tamara Caulder Richardson

Tamara is a 6x Near-Death Experiencer, an Evidential Psychic Medium, Christian Minister, Channeler of Christ, and Messenger from Heaven.

When Tamara is on stage she is a natural entertainer, with an innate ability to communicate to audiences, get them relaxed and laughing through her natural, fun-loving approach. With Tamara's eccentric, Southern-style and genuine personality, she has a charm unique to her.  She is loved by audiences around the world for her sincerity and gift. 

Tamara Through Time
& Her Passions in Life

Tamara's Background and History:

Tamara Caulder Richardson was born in the foothills of Hickory, North Carolina, with a Cherokee and British heritage, and was born with the gift of "the sight", which sees into the other world with a clarity that others don't. Early at age three, she saw and sensed friendly spirit people around her that wanted to communicate with her. She just did not understand why at the time and what these spirits wanted from her. 

As a small child around five years
 old, Tamara thought it was common for everyone to astral travel at night, or remote view locations or visit people at night, to know future events before they unfolded, and to communicate with disincarnate beings or animal spirits. At twelve years old, she starting realizing she “knew things” that the average person did not know, which was not very popular in her household. At the time, she was greatly misunderstood by her family, and she even felt her abilities of "knowing" might have frightened her mother. It was around her teens that Tamara realized she was very unique and different from her family and friends, which did not know the things she naturally knew. Tamara was silent for many years about her supernatural abilities due to not wanting to upset people. Coming from "The South”, these types of spiritual gifts were not really discussed, or encouraged. Some even felt people with gifts were "crazy" or speaking to the devil, which is nonsense. She would pray each day asking God to help her understand why she was born this way. God and Jesus did answer her prayers. It was through God, Jesus and spirit speaking to her in her dreams and even during the day, that helped her understand this gift and to even help her develop it. 

Growing up she had no one to speak to regarding her natural abilities. Tamara was concerned “if found out” she would be not taken seriously or made fun of, or worse – feared by people. At age 12 years old on, Tamara would spend much of her personal time in the
 school library learning about her abilities and studying books by the Christian prophet, Edgar Cayce, or Dr. Raymond Moody such as his book, "Life After Life" as his co-authored book written with Dannion Brinkley: "Saved by the Light." It was in Dannion's book that Tamara starting recalling her own near-death experiences. Dannion was a man that was hit by lightning and became highly spiritually aware and clairvoyant. From reading those two pivotal books on, Tamara has been obsessed with the topic of "life after death" and even the aftereffects it brings such as mediumship and psychic knowing. These books were such an inspiration to her, and validating to know others knew what she did, that  “life goes on” and so does that love connection with people we care about that have crossed over to Heaven.

Tamara's own spiritual events of her own six near-death experiences (NDE's) changed the path of her life forever, but unknowingly at the time. She strongly believes her spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, remote viewing, mediumship, astral travel, channeling were a result of her time between dimensions and being a spirit herself. For she has also been to Heaven and has felt that abundant love. She also has experienced the healing, guidance, and Divine protection of powerful Archangels around her in her near-death experiences and throughout her life, even now.  In one of her near-death experiences, she was five years. Tamara died on the drive to the hospital of pneumonia. The doctors tried to regain her vitals but her lungs had collapsed  and she was pronounced,  "code blue." The doctors and staff kept trying to get a sign of life. The did get a shallow heartbeat and decided to put her in an induced coma for there days. Her body lay in a plastic tent unaware that she was alive or dead but her spirit body went on to meet Jesus whom she spent three days in Heaven with. While there, Jesus told Tamara many things such as we create with our minds and need to be mindful in what we think and desire for it will manifest, in or against our favor. He also said the world has forgotten to laugh and told her that she could help with this. He also told her that He wanted her help bringing Heaven to earth. Tamara replied to Jesus and said, "Sure seems like a lot of work", which he agreed, laughed and told Tamara she would not be alone in this task but that he assigned others to also help with this. 

At 19 years old, Tamara would meet her best friend, other than Jesus, and the future love of her life - Clay Richardson. They dated five years, married, and created a great life together. Tamara went off to college first 
and got a degree in Communication Arts and Marketing at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. During this time, Clay was on the road touring with 80's pop band, Fetchin' Bones, which was on Capitol Records. While Clay was on his tour schedule, in 1986 she started her own advertising agency, Caulder Design Communications, where she created whole marketing, branding and strategic campaigns for her corporate clientele. Tamara is a trained visual designer, slogan and copywriter, creative director, brand expert, and marketing strategist. Her advertising agency became known regionally for its edgy and on-point, award-winning campaigns. She was also President of the Carolina Chapter for Business Marketing Association, which was a Business-to-Business (B2B) niche organization. She also was on many other regional business committees such as; The Metrolina Entrepreneur Council where she was in charge of two committees. Her company was recognized in The Charlotte Business Journal for her award-winning campaigns. Later in 1996, Tamara also started, Cyberwired, with husband, Clay, and her creative director and friend, Harry Roolaart, who sadly since then passed on. That company had to begin to catch clients such as; AT&T, Lance Foods and others that hired them for their ahead-of-the-curve Internet and Intranet designs and approaches. That company was also mentioned in The Business Journal as one of the fastest-growing Internet firms. Cyberwired and Caulder Design Communications won several Pro Ad advertising awards through the years. However, with the economy tanking to an all-time grinding low after 9/11/01 the tragic attacks on America, Tamara was left to rethink her career goals. 

After trying to jumpstart life into her ad agency, and after trying various other ventures such as being a boutique owner of her own French-styled ladies boutique called, Glam Lamb, Tamara was still not happy. After about 14 years of prayer, Tamara got a visit from God and Jesus. They told her it is time to use her gifts to help others in this world. Tamara told Jesus that she was afraid of, "Looking like a charlatan." And Jesus replied, "Then you will not be seen in this way. For his is not about you, but how you can help others."

During these 14 years since her heyday in advertising her spiritual gifts became heightened.  Tamara started to become more attuned to sensing and communicating regularly with crossed over spiritual beings. She tried to put her spiritual gifts in the background since childhood but with the years, and more acceptance of her own self as an adult, the opposite happened – her gifts heightened exponentially. 

Since then Tamara has given up her 25-year advertising career as an advertising owner/executive and is now an internationally 
known and loved - evidential psychic medium and spiritual teacher, and author. She offers her spiritual knowledge as a speaker at conferences, heard on the radio worldwide, and gives live audience demonstrations that Heaven is real. 

Also during this period, Tamara spent seven years extensively developing her natural God-given psychic medium abilities through advanced mediumship classes with TV/stage medium, authors, John Holland, Janet Nohavec, former nun and owner of, The Journey Within, Spiritualist church in NJ and UK’s Tony Stockwell - all of which were teachers at the famous medium school, www.arthurfindlaycollege.org in England. In the fall of 2015, Tamara was accepted to train with, International medium, Lisa Williams, and was awarded as one of Lisa's, "Certified Advanced Psychic Mediums." 

As far as Tamara’s spiritual gifts… she is a mental, physical and trance medium. She is a highly developed clairvoyant where she can see what others look like that had passed over and can see them show her full memories like a filmstrip in her head, all with evidential information that the sitter can validate. 

Her remote viewing ability helps her in readings since spirit can take her mind remotely to places, show her locations in order to prove to their loved ones that they are still around and evidence of their presence. Tamara is also clairaudient and clairsentient and therefore can, "hear and sense" deceased people around her during readings. She gets details such as whole scenarios (from past childhood experiences, present or future events - but mainly "in the now and the past" come through on medium readings), time periods, names, ages, clothing styles, phrases, facial expressions, emotions and most importantly, the love from others comes through in her readings. 

She can also sense illnesses in people, and advise them on better ways to fulfill their purpose and stay healthy. However, she is not medically trained. She acts as a spiritual assistant and only passes information along from Spirit to someone. It is up to each person to get a full medical exam and take responsibility for their health and well-being. 

As a spiritual teacher, she also understands the transition from life to death, which is the passing of the spirit from this material world on this physical plane to the spirit world on the ethereal plane. In either world, we are a spiritual being. In this world, we experience life through the perspective through the body we are given. We do not have a "spirit", we ARE a spirit, and we ARE the Soul that lives a life in a body and then moves on to the teaching and learnings on the other side. We don't lose our basic nature and personality. It is common for spirit to communicate in Tamara’s readings their passion, habits and personal quirks to let their loved ones here on earth know… it is them. 

Tamara is directed by God, her holy guardian angels and spirit guides. Prayer of humility, love to God and thankfulness is a daily routine for her. Tamara’s loving guides give her positive information and allow her to speak to family and friend spirits bringing detailed messages of hope, love, and encouragement. 

She also has a gift to assist others in their "life path" or soul progression with messages that hit the very core of the soul of that person to help them along on their journey. She understands the huge responsibility it is to give messages from crossed over family members to the living and to assist in someone's soul journey. All messages given are with respect and said in a loving, gentle, and insightful helpful way to the sitter. Tamara only delivers positive messages to help further that soul to a higher purpose. Tamara also communicates regularly with Jesus, ascended heavenly master, and angels giving messages to the masses. 

Currently, Tamara is writing her first book,
"Love from Heaven - My 6 Near-Death Experiences, the Gifts I Received and the Wisdom I Learned" that she will release this year.

In March 2020, Mrs. Richardson launched an online spiritual school for soul development studies called, Enlighten University, or, "Enlighten U", at www.enlightenuniversity.com.

Tamara has always had a close relationship with Jesus since she had her childhood near-death experiences and saw him in the afterlife. Since 2015, she has been channeling Jesus professionally in readings, audio recordings and in her writings. Jesus himself wanted her to create a website to tell others about him and his message of love. She created a website that offers free and for a monthly subscription, Christ channeled messages. Tamara is also offering Christ readings sessions.

In February of 2020, Tamara launched this site called, www.christacademyoflove.com

Personal Fun Facts about Tamara:

Mrs. Richardson holds a B.A. in Communication Arts and Marketing. Professionally, for 27-years Tamara owned and operated her own advertising agency, Caulder Design Communications, in Charlotte, NC. She offered brand campaigns and turn-key marketing solutions to regional and National Fortune 500/1000 clients. Tamara is a trained visual artist, slogan and copywriter, and MARCOM marketing strategist.

In addition for 8-years, Tamara also owned another company called, Glam Lamb, in Rock Hill, SC which was a French-styled jewelry boutique that carried her gemstone jewelry designs, 14 kt. Faberge egg pendants, her custom-designed Baroque gold-glided furniture, and women's glam accessories. 

Tamara holds a First Degree Black Belt in American Combative Hapkido Korean Martial Arts, which took her 8-years to train for and obtain. She also enjoys shooting guns and target practice especially with zombie targets in the spring and summer. Tamara also enjoys archery and the focus and precision it takes.  Bodybuilding for 22-years, Tamara is also very active with working out and sports.  

Donna Summer, The Bee Gees, Kool and the Gang, Earth Wind and Fire and the Commodores are always playing in the background in the Richardson household. Tamara is also a BIG lover of disco. She also digs European techno-pop dance music like  Oasis, GoldFrapp, Sia and Jameriqui. And, anyone that knows Tamara personally understands and appreciates... she is obsessed with sequins and glitter! Her nickname, starting back from her boutique owner days with Glam Lamb, affectionally used by her friends is, "Glam Tam." In summary, Tamara enjoys participating in action sports, martial arts, Sci-Fi, supernatural, comedy movies and shows, puppies and the "Animal Kingdom", disco dancing and British-pop music, and anything that shines and has glitter on it! 

Tamara is an ordained minister and is a devoted follower of Jesus, whom she loves very much and saw and spoke to in her near-death experiences. She still speaks to him every day, for He is her savior, friend and teacher. Currently, Tamara lives in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) with her loving and devoted husband Clay of 37 years of married bl
iss. Clay is her best friend and companion in this life. They are parents of two Shih Tzu furry babies; "Abbey, and Tucker."