Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium


Christian Evidential Medium and Messenger from Heaven

Whether you need someone that can work on-location or in a controlled studio setting, Tamara has had years of experience in broadcast helping clients with her former advertising agency of 27 years, and she is now on the entertainment side offering her mediumship gifts and presentation talents to the world with her genuine downhome communication style.

Although, Tamara has many special abilities, she is naturally funny and has excellent comedic timing, as well as, knowing innately how and when to engage with LIVE audiences, or with people, she is interviewing, or that is interviewing her. She has been on both sides of the table and understands the creative process to develop, promote and continuing offering a successful show that has a wide reach to many types of demographic platforms. Tamara is also a seasoned creative director, copy and slogan writer, author and marketing strategist, as well as, "the talent." So, if you need someone experienced and comfortable with LIVE events, shows, or even being the talent in a controlled studio setting before the public - Tamara can do it all, and well. ​

​A big plus is that Tamara is good at thinking on her feet with clever and witty responses with new people she meets. Whether she is speaking with another American or someone from another country, Tamara seems to use her Southern charm to draw in the support and love of whomever she meets or works with. This quality is honestly engaging and magnetic to many. Consider Tamara for your next reality, or talk show, by using her God-given abilities, and her eclectic skill set and many unique talents. She'll have your audiences coming back for MORE!
Please direct all media inquiries to,
Donna Jackson, at [email protected]

Working with the Media/Press

Lights, Camera, Action... Tamara brings excitement to any radio, TV and film project!