Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium


Christian Evidential Medium and Messenger from Heaven

My Unique Blend of Services
  “Our loved ones in spirit still want to be a part of our world here today, even from the other side. That love and concern for our well-being does not end. We even have relatives we have not met, from centuries back, that know us even though we may not have ever known them. They want us to be happy and to do well in life.
Life is so much bigger and more dimensional than we have been taught from generation-to-generation. Life and the energy we are continues. Life is all around us happening simultaneously in this material world and the spirit world, overlapped, at the same time. Life is forever and endless. The love we have for one another is forever. I enjoy making those eternal love connections, and offering comfort to those in grief or needing a hopeful message of love.”​

Tamara Caulder Richardson,
The Southern Belle Medium

Evidential Psychic Medium, 6x
Near-Death Experiencer, Christian Minister, Channeler of Jesus
​ Whether you are looking for a private reading session or looking for your next entertainment talent for a conference, Tamara can provide you with a top-quality, unique talent experience that will be fun, memorable and inspirational. The Southern Belle Medium offers audience medium demonstrations, to speaking about her six-near death experiences and what Heaven is like, to offering topic-driven motivational and self-help messages for women's conference such as B-NOW (The Beautiful Network of Women).
Tamara regularly performs her “Messages from Heaven” on a Southern city tour for the Southern Women's Show series to audiences in convention centers with attendance around 30,000 within a three-day weekend, where shes offers several performances on stage, each day. 
In addition, Mrs. Richardson is an afterlife speaker and chapter director for The International Association of Near-Death Studies, www.iands.org, in Charlotte, NC.
Tamara also offers one-on-one private and group readings via Zoom across the world. Spirit does not need a chair and it is just as accurate as being in person. Her clients love that they can relax in the settings of their own home and receive a beautiful spiritual message of hope and clarity.
Being an entrepreneur, and business owner of her own advertising and marketing strategy agency for 27 years, Tamara also offers “business intuitive coaching” to businesses wanting an extra edge and supernatural insight into their business decisions, strategies, and future directions. Mrs. Richardson has annual contracts from small to large corporate clients to assist them with their business strategy utilizing my her extensive marketing strategy and business background, coupled with her advanced psychic abilities. Tamara even assists upper management with employee evaluations and hiring of employees, and consultants.
Take note that Tamara does not need to be “on-site” to do business intuitive consulting but can offer this service remotely. As an example, Tamara can read a photo, read a resume, or see a name written down, and know the character of someone including details regarding their personal and business life as it pertains to the quality of their honesty and integrity, whether they would be an asset or not. She can also offer intuitive business forecast strategies. These accurate and comforting abilities that Tamara offers are invaluable to many worldwide business owners and executives, especially these days. In times of uncertainty, Tamara can offer clarity and guidance and help companies navigate the storm onto calm and flourishing waters.

Please contact Donna Jackson regarding a quote on annual intuitive business services at:
[email protected]

​​My Intuitive, Business and Entertainment Services Include: (Online or, In-person!)

* Audience Stage Medium Demonstrations                        * Private and Group Reading Sessions 

* Motivational and Self-Help Speaker                                   * Business Intuitive Coach and Strategist

* Presenter of Heaven and Afterlife Expert                         * Celebrity and Executive Spiritual Counselor

* Near-Death Experience Speaker                                         * Private Intuitive Life Success Coaching

* International Conference Presenter                                  * Entertainment for Conferences or Retreats

* Spiritual Teacher on an Array of Topics                             * Christian Intuitive and Channeler of Christ