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Christian Evidential Medium and Messenger from Heaven

Online Educational Tools

Presenting Two Schools of Thought for Your Spiritual Development and Enjoyment!

​Enlighten University is an online school for advanced spiritual studies. This school that was created and designed for the truth seekers, the ones that view themselves as seeing the world differently, the ones that crave answers to the mysteries of life - such as why one is here, who are we really and how we are an interconnected by the love of God. If this sounds intriguing, it is. Much of the content has been channeled by the higher Divine realms of existence. And finally, it is ready for you to enjoy and learn from, on your own time and schedule! 

From courses on - Soul Discovery, Love & Joy, Grief Relief, Divine Awareness, Igniting your Intuition, to Understanding Role of God's Holy Angels in your life, and more!

Come experience a new level of spiritual discovery and soul development today! 

"Enlighten U" - Evolve Your Life, Embrace Your Path and Enlighten Your Soul 

Coming Soon!

Christ Academy of Love


Study and learn on your own time. On the go fun with spirit anytime, or anywhere! 

Christ Academy of Love - School of Yeshua, was created by and for my best friend and savior, Jesus,  which I also call my "business partner." He was the one who resurrected me in my six near-death experiences. One of my near-death experiences when I was five-years-old - after dying from pneumonia and being dead at least 15-minutes, I was brought back to life and then put into an induced coma at the hospital. My body lay there asleep but my spirit was in Heaven with my Lord in a place that looked like paradise. I spent three days in Heaven with  Jesus while I was in the coma. Jesus is very special to me. I give my life to Him and love Him so much. He is the reason for everything.

Since 2015, Jesus has wanted me to offer channeled classes and give His messages to students of life. I have been channeling Jesus for some time but only until recently, I decided to come forward publically to offer Christ's channeled messages through this free and subscription-based website, and also offer Christ-Channeled private reading sessions. 

As Jesus told me in Heaven and still does,

"Be love, give love and receive love. For, in the end, that is all that truly matters."


Do you feel you don't have time to learn the things in life that interest you? Well, now you do. With our flexible on-the-go educational system, you can learn anywhere or anytime on your cell, laptop, on your computer workstation, or on your Ipad or Kindle. All you need is a few minutes a day to enjoy your favorite topics and stay plugged in at work, home, or on the go! 

Finally, spirituality made easy and fun, just for you!