Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium


Christian Evidential Medium and Messenger from Heaven

Tamara's Six Near-Death Experiences Story

And, How It Affected Me Throughout Life and What I Learned -

Awakening to Life Through Death

* My first near-death experience was prenatal where I just did not almost make it to this world. I was feeling, hearing, seeing and “knowing” without a body and having memory of that. 

* 3 yrs. old, I was playing “hide and seek”. I bounced under a dresser, a nail underneath pierced through my head. I passed out. I saw my body from above with a 9 ft. angel healing my head. I communicated with spirit people and angels from thereon.

* 4 yrs. old, I was in a car wreck where the car spun out of control when hitting the black ice and then it went into a tree. I was wedged into the windshield where my nose was broken in many places. I was cold, scared, then went down a dark tunnel, which as the end I saw Jesus. He told me I had to come back. When I did come back into the car, I was in my mother’s arms. I also saw at the same time into different dimensions – all layered into various time periods. I saw the surrounding spirit people as “my friends”, and saw large angels by my side, and then I got a message of prophecy from a spirit woman that I would be “the one” to carry their voices.

Jesus - the Grass, flowers, the Sun All followed Him as He Walked in Heaven

* At 5 yrs. old, I arrived at Rex Hospital, Raleigh, NC after being DOA for 15+ minutes, I was “code blue”.  Once the doctors did get my vitals back, my lungs were still collapsed so I was put in an induced coma. I was gone from this world but journeyed to another more beautiful world where I was meet by Christ in Heaven. Jesus told me I had to go back. I argued to stay. He agreed to let me stay awhile with him. I did not want to leave him. I had never felt so much love in all my life. In Heaven, he gave me lessons about life as we sat under the “Tree of Life”, which he told me not to eat from. Then we walked, talked and laughed. Christ told me many things…He told me many things as we sat on a rock in front of this magnificent tree which had reddish grapes on it and white flowers that looked like a dogwood.

* Jesus told me that he had something to give me I asked if it was a toy. He laughed and said, no. He took a part of his rope belt and wrapped it on my left wrist and said, “I wrap you in my love and protection. Much is given and much you will give. Through the little things the big things would be done, and through the big things the small things would be acknowledged.”

* He said people have forgotten to laugh and that he thinks I can help with that! He said people’s guard is let down when they laugh and they open their hearts ready to receive healings and joy.
Jesus talked about how people create in Heaven and how we can do the same on earth but have forgotten. He explained how we create and manifest things. I asked if I could try it. He agreed. So, I visualized us in a small boat, and then we were there. Three fish swamp up to him and he picked one up and said, hello. He put it down and said that is how you fish in Heaven.

Jesus laughs, loves and is human like us!

* Jesus told me He understood my suffering and child abuse but that one day it would end. He said he has someone picked out “just for me” which would make it all worthwhile. He told me that understanding and truth come from suffering. He said it purifies the soul to grow and to be able to serve God and others more compassionately. He told me that I would do things others cannot for I have the light of God shining through me and I would be a great example of His power and love. He said some would hate me for this but far more would love me for witnessing God’s and Jesus’s love to them.

* Jesus also told me to, “Be love, receive love and give love. For in the end that is all there ever was and why we are here.” He told me that he wants me to help bring “Heaven to Earth”. I told Him it seemed like a lot of work! He thought that was funny, and laughed. He told me I was not alone in this task. He told me to speak of Heaven and then show it’s wonders to all, for God will is stated over me.
I need to sleep with a nightlight on, please!

* 10 yrs. old, I was on a family vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC. I was playing in the hotel pool while a group of teen boys was playing volleyball. I got hung up under there feet. They did not know I could not get above water.  I begin to panic, and thought, “Not again!” Then I hear a choir of angels sang to me in unison as the underwater a horizon of bright light opened up to greet me. Then later, I woke to found myself choking out water.

* I use to receive regular spirit chatter at night… I must keep it to myself, and pray for help! I had no one to speak to about this. With each near-death experience my ability to hear, see and speak to spirit people became enhanced. I often wondered why did I know things? Who are these spirit and what do they want from me and who are they? Later in life, I would find out that they knew what I did not, it was my destiny to merge earth and Heaven and help those grieving here, let others know their loved ones are okay and love them. And one day we will see them again in Heaven.

* 28 yrs. old, after a 1-pill reaction from a prescribed migraine medication, “The Matrix” became real! Life was seen from a spiritual view of nothing but white lines constructed into things such as outlining objects such as furniture and structures. I found myself in the galaxy, not being male or female and not even knowing my name. I just was, but still thinking and very much aware.

* With not much guidance growing up, I was still trying to figure out what was “normal” and tried to fit in and be that by going to college & getting an education, getting marriage, creating friendships, and even started an ad agency that lasted 25 years. Rage was my friend for years. Love saved me and kept me sane… and happy.

I was lost and then found… MY GENUINE SELF!

* In my late 30’s through to I was about 48 years of age, I found myself lost to why I was here. I went into deep sadness and regular prayer to God for 14 years.

* One day I was watching the news, crying and in prayer, I asked God why there was so much violence in this world. To my surprise, He replied and said that the world required more love to change the direction of the tide. He told me that he wanted me to use the gifts He gave me. I told him I was afraid of what people would think. Jesus replied and said to me… “It is not about you but what you can do to help others. This is your service to me.”

* My spirit family came to help me with my gifts… by beloved grandmother, granddad, and sister-in-law, Marcy

* Hiding out in “Ghostland USA” – I started to explore my psychic and medium abilities through ghosthunting which did not last more than two years. I did not want to be around lower energies (ghost and demons, which you find in ghost hunting) but to only work with the angelic and heavenly realms. I did learn a lot about the lower realms during those two years. 

* Initially, I was not accepted by my immediate family for having and using these spiritual gifts or speaking about them. That has changed over time. Much of my family knows this is who I have always been and my gift gives many comforts from Heaven. 

I decided to NOT be a victim but to succeed in life!

* Putting all childhood trauma behind, not be a victim, and learning how to love me.

* Standing up for “me”… my truth even when opposed. (To-date, I am also a Black Belt in American Hapkido Combatives!)

* Learning how to “be” and not reacting to life but creating my reality and world of joy. Seeing the many blessings that my life holds in it every day!

* Realizing that I have helped many people and that my life is worth a lot and counts! Seeing that the past is not a total of who I am but a small fragment of me, and mainly just memories which do not define me.

Answering God’s Call to Service

* Accepting my spiritual gifts of – “knowing” things, mental and physical mediumship, prophetic, healing, remote viewing, knowing intuitively other languages and more!

* Learning from the best to also be the best – Mediumship training with famous mediums.

* Go BIG or go home… at the Omega Institute spirit said to me, “Take your place” on the stage before national mediums and my teachers; John Holland and Janet Nohavec.

* Demanding standards of excellence of mediumship by training with two top British mediums, authors and TV hosts; Tony Stockwell and Lisa Williams.

* Seeing my spiritual gifts up against International mediums. This Southern gal held her own and went past her even her own expectations!

* Taking on bigger audiences and working to serve the biggest boss of all... GOD!

* Now, telling the masses that Heaven is REAL. Then giving evidence of that in live medium demonstrations! Jesus said this is the highest vibrational message there is to state in life, that Heaven, He and God are real. Jesus told me to occasionally expect attacks from the enemy to shut me down. Jesus told me He was giving me more warring angels to help with my assignment.

Lessons from the astral plane

* All life is constructed with an agreed-upon structure held together through thought “energy forms”.

* Our thoughts manifest into reality. Dependent upon one's intention and ability, those thoughts can manifest immediately or not.

* Spirits were human and now are limitless beyond time and space.

* Ghosts are people too, they just had issues when they passed or are struggling with sadness, rage, being dead or some other form of upset.

* There is no time. Therefore, there is no past, present or future. (I have had over 300 hrs. of past life regression and it makes me wonder what is “past life” or is it just segments of an overlapping life.)

* Eternity means not forever but “eternally in a particular state”.

* Spirits are “all-knowing” and can communicate quickly through thought. They know all of our thoughts and who we are.

* Spirits are us, we are the soul (body optional).

* In Heaven, they create, play, learn. (I see that all the time in my medium readings!)

* There are many otherworldly dimensions and astral planes.

* Upon death, people go to where their mindset is. Destructive minds go with others like them. Loving thoughts gravitate to others like theirs.

* The veil is getting thinner due to others disobeying God’s instructions to create Earth more like Heaven. Our obedience, love, and prayers are needed!

* Our communication and relationship is wanted by God. We are His children and part of a bigger whole, but we seem to ignore that.

Being my true self through Christ’s help

* Christ speaks to me regularly with messages for me and others. He also brings me others in Heaven that are considered saints that help teach me in my dreams and also in a non-dream state.

* Jesus honors most things my heart desires for He wants me to be fulfilled in this life. He loves to see me laugh and be happy! He loves all people and wants joy for each of us. True joy is being His friend!

* Jesus wants us to learn how to “let go and love” and enjoy the now.
All my life, even in dark times, I realize now that I have NEVER been alone but have had a multitude of help on earth and Heaven – from God, my family, guides, and ascended masters and Jesus.

As I always say, “We all have a fan club in Heaven” !