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Christian Evidential Medium and Messenger from Heaven

New YouTube Original Weekly Shows!

Join syndicated radio host and funny Texan, Jeanie Brosius King, speaker and organizer of B-Now women's conferences, as she interviews Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium. Jeanie and Tamara will talk each week about an array of spiritually enlightening topics, as well as, discuss pertinent issues facing each of us today. Tamara will also be offering monthly live medium readings with guests on her show! Tamara is an Internationally-known Evidential Psychic Medium, Messenger from Heaven, and Channeler of Christ (www.christacademyoflove.com).

Also, listen to her past shows on Blogtalk Radio:
Host, and 6x Near-Death Experiencer, Afterlife Speaker, Evidential Medium, and Channeler of Christ, Tamara Caulder Richardson - will be speaking with others that have had near-death experiences, as well as, interviewing afterlife experts such as doctors, energy specialists, scientists, rabbis, priests, and ministers. All conversations are done in a loving and open way in order to find out the ultimate secret of life and death... in Seeking Heaven. Join us each week as we explore the questions...What is the afterlife? Is there one? Why are we here? Is God real? Is Heaven real... if so, where and what is it? Are spirit people real and how do they interact with us, and why?

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On the Southern Belle Medium YouTube channel, you will be able to see past groups and some private (approved for showing) medium demonstrations, as well as, media interviews of Tamara. Come witness the evidential proof that Heaven is real!
On Tamara's personal YouTube page you can see past medium demonstrations, as well as, media interviews of Tamara, and even funny outtakes. 

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On the Christ Academy of Love YouTube Channel, you will be able to view over an hour each week of Christ Channeled messages by Tamara Caulder Richardson called, "Jesus Speaks." Also visit, www.christacademyoflove.com for free and subscriber channeled message and to purchase your own private Christ Channeled message. All reading are done online through Zoom. Each client will receive an audio recording of your session. 

To be a part of our live, "Jesus Speaks", weekly Sunday night audience, channeling session, register on Zoom prior to each Sunday at: 

Then arrive 5-minutes early each Sunday, 8:00 -9:15 PM EST (USA) - via your Zoom link that will be sent to you after registering!

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YouTube Interviews from Tamara about her Six Near-Death Experiences:

Sydney IANDS, April 24, 2020 Interview:

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IANDS New Zealand, April 12, 2020 Interview:

Hold on to your panties.. COMIN' SOON!