Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium


Christian Evidential Medium and Messenger from Heaven

Client Testimonials

Validations from Heaven:

“Dear Tamara, I am the grandmother of the young lady you spoke to in your 10:30 a.m. medium demonstration at the Jacksonville Florida Southern Women's Show on Saturday, October 19th.  My name is Brittny and I have to express how grateful I am that you shared your beautiful gift with us.  Your message meant so much to me and my granddaughter Des'Rae. 

The loss of her baby sister has been so difficult for Des.  Cierra was just 12 years old when she was taken from us.  Although, we know that she is always with us in spirit. However, with your confirmation, and delivery of Cierra's loving words, has truly lightened our hearts. I wish my daughter Coral, who still lives in Charlotte, would have been with us to hear your words. There are so many questions that my family and I have.  Hopefully, one day we will get a private session with you. Until then, thank you from the bottom of my heart for playing a role in our healing.”

Warmest regards,
Brittny S. – Retired, Florida


“Tamara Caulder Richardson is an incredibly gifted medium, and working with her will bring much light into all areas of your life.  Her energy, enthusiasm, and connection to the unconditional love of Jesus will surprise you and open you to experience greater healing, joy and inner peace.  I highly recommend a reading with Tamara. She helped give validation of my loved ones in Heaven that I am loved beyond measure. We all need that confirmation in this life, knowing that love is the great healer of wounded hearts. In my medium and spiritual session with Tamara, I experienced evidential messages that helped heal old family wounds. I also was excited to connect with Jesus with some personal, detailed messages He provided me through Tamara to help me on my journey. 

Tamara is more than just an accurate psychic medium but a caring and genuine person that is also a fellow near-death experiencer. My life path channeled session with Tamara has helped me move forward into a brighter future with confidence.  I am grateful for the work that Tamara does in this world which is to show others God's love He has for us, through her prophetic gifts. Tamara is one of God’s messengers sent (back) here to help this world.”

---Tricia Barker - Author of Angels in the OR, Professor, Texas


“I had a session with Tamara because I was wanting to speak to my husband. I was always skeptical of mediums but I was desperate for closure. Tamara made me feel at ease and she told me things no one would know except my husband. It was truly an amazing experience. If you’re thinking about doing a reading session, you should do it! Being able to hear from your loved ones in heaven gives you a calming peace that no one can describe. Thank you, Tamara, for everything it means a lot and has honestly made things a lot easier for me during this very tragic time. God bless you!"

Megan W. – Nurse, Seattle Washington


"My reading with Tamara was wonderful and insightful. She spiritually connected with my biological father in a way that allowed me to ask some of the questions that had been in my heart for most of my life! While my father was living on this earth, I never had the opportunity, or courage, to confront him and ask him about the concerns that I carried all of my life about him, and about his relationship with me. My session with Tamara gave me the sacred space to hear from him and truly listen to his answers to my questions.  Before I even had a chance to ask, my dad came through addressing the very things I wanted to be answered. Tamara said that might happen since spirit people hear out thoughts, and God also knows our heart's desires and concerns. And sure enough, my dad in spirit answered all those secret questions that I had before I could even say a word. His responses were so direct, honest and loving that it has given me peace now, and completely unburdened my heart. I also feel so much better about my relationship with my father now.

Tamara and I hit it off initially in a big way, we are both talkers...LOL. She made me feel so comfortable. She is a “real” person. However, Tamara made it clear before and during the reading, that she did not want much talking, just “yes” or “no”. Nor did she want any upfront details about anything that might be revealed in the reading later on. She wanted to read me “cold” so that I would have proof that I was really speaking to my dad, and other family members, which others did come through also. She said it would give me validation that he is okay and that it is “him.”
Tamara's professionalism and ethics were impressive to me and gave me a greater appreciation for the information that I received, which was evidential. There is no way she could know things about me or my family for it was private and not public information.

In gratitude, I say, “Thank you, Tamara, for being the vessel of God, for your gift has given me peace and healing from a lifelong emotional wound."

Sandra Broome-Edwards - Retired Information Technology Manager, Charlotte, NC


“I received a 1-hr spiritual medium reading with Tamara, and it changed my life!  First of all, I want to disclose that I believe in God and have always believed in the concept of an afterlife but needed real evidence.  In my reading with Tamara, I was hoping to connect with my little brother, who passed away from a motorcycle accident.  However, in addition to connecting to my brother I also I got the surprise of my life when many of my family and friends came through in my reading with evidence it was them! Several family members in spirit came through to show their love for me via Tamara.  What is most incredible is that they were communicating things to Tamara that ONLY I would know, like mentioning small personal memories we had that identified them to me.  During my reading, my maternal and paternal grandfathers came in to speak, my maternal grandmother, my great paternal grandmother, a very good friend, and a business colleague gave a supportive and loving message. And, finally, my brother David, and another brother I had but never got to meet, (he was my mom’s first child and was born stillborn) came through with flying colors! It blew my mind how detailed and accurate the information was I received. 

As my reading started, Tamara would describe the person to me… she described all of them exactly as I remember them. Then, they would identify themselves with something that only I knew they had done in life, as my grandmother talked about her a big Spanish casserole identifying herself as one who was always in the kitchen and cooked a lot.  My grandmother even said an ingredient of what she was showing Tamara, but in Spanish; when Tamara repeated that... I lost it! Tamara does not even speak Cuban Spanish. Wow, it was truly my grandma.  She described this particular casserole which is a traditional dish from the Dominican Republic.

Then my friend and colleague… he got his name exactly correct gave Tamara a phrase that was our "inside joke." So, I knew it was him!  And, my friend also sent a message to his living wife (through me) whom Tamara got her name correct.  I was simply floored with all this detailed information!  Then my little brother came through for me and told me so much. Tamara described his personality and looks exactly.  He relayed things, via Tamara, that he would only say to me directly and my family. Through Tamara, my brother told me that he’s very happy, at peace and popular... meaning people there like him. He said he has no more inner conflict but that he is loved and accepted in heaven the way he is, even with his past lifestyle. 
I want to finish by saying that my little brother’s passing has been one of the hardest things for me to experience this life since we were so close. Having this reading with Tamara gave me the personal confirmation that there IS life-after-death. Knowing there is a loving afterlife that exists gives me the peace I needed to continue on this earth until I can get to paradise with the rest of my loved ones in Heaven."

J. P. - Corporate Sales Executive, Charlotte, NC


"Tamara, I wanted to say thank you for the reading at the Southern Women's Show in Savannah, Georgia today. I have had many deaths within the last couple of years and it has been difficult to process. At the beginning of your medium demonstration, you spoke of an older woman with brown hair, who had three grown children - one girl and two boys. You described my grandmother whom I was very close to. She had three kids - one was my mother, and then my two uncles. The woman you described that was with my grandmother, "who needed the special shoes since her feet hurt", was definitely my mother! My mother was a diabetic and had to have special shoes fitted from the podiatrist since she was being treated for osteomyelitis.  Unfortunately, Mom even had to walk with a cane but hated using it. When you spoke of taking her out to eat with a cane and how she hated to carry it, that was 100% her! It made me laugh. Also, Mom did not drive so I always drove her around and took her everywhere. You mentioned that too. Also, my grandmother was very good friends with my husband's grandmother. You mentioned a "memaw" - which is what we called her. You spoke of a cuckoo clock from Europe she had which at the time I did not know. Later after your show, I found out from my husband that memaw did own a cuckoo clock that she brought back from Germany and it was in her room hanging on her wall for years. You also were accurate in naming her birthday which was, 3/26. You also spoke of some memories I shared with my grandmother such when I would visit her for special holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Wow, that was special to remember those times! My grandmother and memaw were very good friends in life. I suppose that is why they must have blended so closely when they came through. Plus, Memaw died that December and my mother passed away the next August. 

Also, the words you spoke from my mother really also affected my daughter that was with me. She and my mother were very close. My mother's death was sudden and unexpected and really shook the whole family especially how we found her. She was left dead in her home for three days from a heartache. So hearing a loving message from my mother really comforted my 12-year old daughter. You spoke of a stuffed, rainbow unicorn that my mom gave her when she was 5-years old. That proved to my daughter that it was really her grandmother and that she is still with us in spirit which put a big smile on her face. While you were giving us the messages, I really felt the loving presence of my mother, grandmother, and my husband's grandmother! They were there. There is no doubt that you were really talking to them!

In summary, I wanted to tell you, thank you. And, I am sorry I might have acted dumbfounded and a little confused at the time. LOL! I was just shocked by the accuracy of your reading and surprised that they all were really there speaking to me, through you. Again, thank you so much for your gift. May God continue to bless you in your life. Your ability is really amazing and you are funny on stage too! I recommend anyone to experience your medium abilities! They will not be disappointed."

Many, many thanks!
Lisa S. - Therapist, Savannah, Georgia


Dearest Tamara,

"I cannot thank you enough for helping you with giving me a loving message from my mother at the Savannah Southern Women's Show. I am so glad I didn't miss the opportunity to see your stage show, Messages from Heaven. I was so hoping my mother who passed a year ago would come through. And, she did! I am so relieved that my mother knows how much I did for her toward the end of her life, and that she appreciated all I did. The message you gave me from my mother truly went straight to my heart!

I do want to book a private reading soon. Thank you so very much for taking the time to bring several healing messages through to me on stage. I know others wanted their turn too yet you made sure my mom said everything she needed to say to help me move on in life and start living life again. I am honored and incredibly grateful to have met you and to have seen your gift "in action" - for by being there and getting personal information from you from my mother... I know you are the real thing! I personally feel you are truly an instrument of God working through you. Wow, what a blessing you are to this world!"

God bless you always and again, thank you for everything!
Linda M. - Teacher, Savannah, Georgia


"I have always hated my father until my reading sessions with Tamara. All my life my father called me, "dumb and stupid." And, my brother was not too far behind on that list of me disliking him. As far as my father was concerned, I could never do anything right and my brother could do no wrong. I resented my father and my brother for treating so badly most of my life. The first time Tamara read me, my mother in spirit came through and told me to, "Get along with my brother." My father came through on two separate occasions in our sessions and told me that he DID care about me and only wanted the best for me, which is something I never felt growing up. Because of the readings with Tamara, I have been able to let go of a lifelong resentment, hurt and anger towards him. I am finally at peace. Over the three reading sessions with you, I have realized my dad is not the same as he was, for in these sessions he has been nothing but kind and loving, and not judgmental like he was in life. I never felt love like that before from him till in our readings. You also gave me undeniable proof it was him, by the thing he said, memories he gave, and details about his career. I have been thinking... and I feel Heaven must really be a place of redemption and love, for my father is the man I remember him as when I was very young, not the hard bitter person he became. 

Also, I used to have nothing but criticism for my brother because in life he was always so petty and cruel.  However, my brother in spirit says that he loves me, that I am a worthy person, and to "go for my dreams" in life.  It feels so good not to have that hostility for my brother anymore. What a burden lifted! I cannot thank you enough, Tamara. If I had not signed-up for those medium healing sessions, I would still be in deep emotional pain and turmoil. Now, I have forgiven my father and brother and gotten rid of my hatred for both. It feels so good not to have that hostility anymore. What a burden lifted! I cannot thank you enough for that.

My appreciation for what you have done for me in these spiritual healing sessions runs deep in thanks and love! Keep doing this work. You are changing the world, one person at a time." 

M. Ritchy - Retired Executive, Rock Hill, SC


"Originally before I set up the reading, I checked Tamara’s website out. She also was recommended to me by a couple of friends. But I really liked the fact that she is a Christian, and works with God and Jesus. We had never met before until we meet online with our Zoom session. It really was just as accurate and personal as being in person. Plus, I got a recording of our session that I have listened to twice, and keep picking up more things! Before our session, Tamara didn’t ask me any questions whatsoever, and only asked me to say, "yes" or "no" when she needed validation to move forward with the information she was getting from spirit. Throughout the reading, Tamara gave me chills because of her accuracy with names, specifics of certain people, special dates and memories from my childhood, just to name a few things she was saying about my loved ones in spirit.

Tamara hands-down has a God-given ability to connect to Heaven. She also made me feel so comfortable too. I found her to be very friendly and funny. I highly recommend that you set-up your own private reading session with Tamara. There is no question... Tamara will absolutely help you connect with loved ones who have passed on. My reading was accurate, fun and touched my heart-strings in a personal way. I feel so at peace knowing my relatives and friends are in Heaven, are okay and still love me. Tamara made this a positive, safe and life-changing experience for me!"

Thank you, Tamara!
K. Gouge - Realtor, Charlotte, NC


"Tamara Caulder Richardson, the Director of IANDS Charlotte, and afterlife speaker spoke to my IANDS Raleigh, NC monthly group about her six near-death experiences, meeting Jesus in Heaven, and after our meeting, she gave a public medium demonstration. While in Raleigh visiting with me, Tamara gave me my own private medium reading and a private channeled message from Jesus. I had always wanted a medium reading but never trusted anyone enough to get a medium reading since I was not sure who the medium really is or whom they are working with, or where they are coming from. This concerned me since I am an avid Christian. However, I knew that Tamara is a Christian minister, a Holy-spirited filled Christian and a follower of Christ. I know because I have prayed with her many times. I know she loves Jesus like I do because I also saw Jesus in Heaven when I had my own near-death experience.

So, when Tamara was reading me and a family member was coming through... she begins to speak in French! I am originally from Normandy, France. Her accent was exactly from my hometown village and she delivered an accurate, evidential message from spirit family all in French, with NO Southern accent! Furthermore, I know Tamara speaks no other language but English. Tamara shared a personal message from Heaven for me and it was INCREDIBLE!! She could possibly not have known all that she shared with me. Her messages further validated to me how much we are loved by God, and how the Heavenly realms are active in our earthly lives. I had no idea how spiritually satisfying this experience would be and how much it would enrich my life!
She also helped me in a minister’s capacity with a personal situation that I had been oppressing me for 12-years. Her prayers of deliverance over my situation has brought me such a renewed freedom in my life! The world seems so much brighter now. Wow, you are such an inspiration. Thank you, Tamara!

Tamara is an incredible Channel from Heaven, with such pure intent to help others in this world. Her God-given ability helps transforms our spiritual awareness to greater heights in what is possible. For with God, anything can be done. Tamara is not only an amazing medium, and Messenger from God but she is an outstanding human being, full of love, generous and giving. I feel God brought us together. I am so blessed to now call her my friend. ♥

Love to you, my sister in Jesus,
Yvonne Sneed - IANDS Raleigh NC Director and Near-Death Experiencer


"My reading with Tamara was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. I was searching for some very critical information that was vitally important to me, information that could only be obtained from people on the other side who had direct knowledge of my situation. I am an open-minded person who has had psychic readings before. Some of these readings were amazing and some were not. This reading with Tamara was the most exciting and impactful reading that I have had. It has changed my life for the better and has put my mind at ease concerning my future. My reading with Tamara confirmed things about my unique situation that were jaw-dropping and astounding. This incredibly accurate feedback information could only have come from people who were watching over me from the other side.

Everyone should realize that the afterlife is real. God and Jesus are real and very active in our lives. The wondrous fact in our reality now is that ordinary people like me can have contact with the other side through psychic mediums. Tamara is the best one I have experienced. God is providing a wonderful service for humanity through Tamara.

Know that people on the other side are filled with love for you, and Tamara can demonstrate that those people are still here and watching over you. I am so happy that I had this reading because now I have been reassured everything is going to be alright in my life. Plus, I have received valuable advice to help me achieve my dream career.

In my opinion, Tamara is like a candle in the window on a cold dark winter’s night. Using her God-given talent she can provide the comfort and guidance you will need to get you through this challenging experience we call, life."

Thank you greatly for our time,
M. Travis - Stock Trader, New York, NY


"I recently had my first medium reading from Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium. She was so kind and courteous, even extending our session time to permit the other side to cover what they wanted to communicate to us.  My daughter and I were given a shared reading and we were really touched and comforted by the messages that came through.
We kind of expected my mother-in-law to come through because she had in life a huge personality. LOL! And, we wanted to hear from her since she died less than a year ago. Even so, we were shocked to hear the many unique signs and information that was communicated through this process which was remarkably, undoubtedly my mother-in-law. Tamara shared too many things that were relevant not only to my mother-in-law’s life but information that affected our entire family.  It was so comforting to communicate with my mother-in-law, from Heaven, in a new, mentally healthy state again. (She had died of brain cancer and she wasn’t herself in her last year.)  This communication was so reassuring that our loved ones on the other side are released from their pain and suffering to enjoy a blissful state in the spirit with our Creator. I am happy that all my loved ones who have crossed over no longer are tied down to their physical bodies and are free, and untethered to this physical world of worry and pain.

I wish to share that when we view death as a transition into another dimension, we know that death is really, an "illusion."  In knowing this truth, we let go of the fear.  I am thankful and so appreciative that Tamara shared her gift of channeling our loved ones from the other side for us.  Each of the messages given was authentically personal, revealing and helpful for my daughter’s and my life in moving forward in peace. Plus, we had a ton of fun in our reading with Tamara. She is very funny. It really was an amazing experience!"

In gratitude and love,
Sandy B. - Near-Death Experiencer, Author, Sylva, NC

"Divine order was taking place when I received my reading from Tamara. I can't even explain all the synchronicities that led to this event.  Tamara started the reading with a prayer making a safe, open environment for all involved.  She channeled a host of supporters from the Spirit world to bring me love and Divine messages to help guide me in this life.  My Spirit Tribe knew exactly what I needed to hear to propel me to fulfill my life mission leaving all fears and doubts behind.  More than anything I am blessed with a new awareness of all the support I have from God, Jesus, Angels, Ascended Masters, and family members who are with me always.  Just knowing that they can be in Heaven and on Earth at the same time fills me with peace. And, to know that nothing is too small to ask God's help with.  It's all about free will... if you ask for help they will be there to give you love, support, and much-needed advice.  They love to help and are blessed to be of service to their loved ones.  I am able to see the signs my support team gives me more clearly just by being aware of their presence in my life now. 

I am grateful for Tamara's willing heart to share her God-given gift with me and so many others.  She is such a blessing to me and so many. I pray for Tamara's highest and most loving good that she will always find herself in God's favor!"

With love and light,
Christina S. - Mother in Lexington, NC


"My reading with Tamara was absolutely awesome and life-changing. This was my first mediumship reading and at first, I was a little nervous. Tamara made me instantly relaxed and even took extra time explaining her experience, her background, how she works and how this fits perfectly fits into our Christian faith.  Tamara is gracious, patient and generous in her readings, and everything she shared was relevant and absolutely evidential information that she was giving me from my family members. There was a word from my sister that not only was deeply healing, but was so specific in detail that it had to have come from no other place, but the other side of the veil. It was true evidence that my big sister still has my back and is watching over her little sister, me.  My mother’s words to me where absolutely true and healing! There is no way Tamara could have known the intimate things that my mom shared with me while she was alive. Tamara even brought through the unique personalities and attributes of both my grandmothers... from the color of one of their cars, to the bright red lipstick one wore all the time.  This experience was simply precious to my very soul.

Tamara is a spirit-filled Christian and that was very comforting knowing that the work she is with the love of God. I look forward to my next reading with Tamara. Thank you, Tamara!  You are truly a vessel through which God channels His love and healing messages to those in this sometimes, confusing world."

Lisa Buchanan - IT Executive, Charlotte, NC

"Hi, Tamara,

My name is David and I spoke with you after the Raleigh medium demonstration this afternoon. I was the person you read at the event that had someone pass from an auto accident. Wow, thank you for my reading. Your message from him really helped me to let go of my fears surrounding my friend's death since I now know he is, okay, and with God. Also, thank you for my Jesus message. I was meditating after the event tonight and remembered you talking about having Jesus be your business partner and for me to try that. I just opened a shop on Etsy and that advice feels very right to me. Since then I have had a talk with Jesus about being my, business partner like he is with you. Well, tonight he came to me in a vision.

In my communication with Jesus tonight, he came in walking what seemed a bit drunk with a really big glass bottle full of water with a cap on it. He was swinging at it with the cap on. I asked what are you showing me about myself? He said "You're not committing to spirit. You are not actually drinking it in." He then took the cap off and took a swig and then passed it to me. I figured he wanted me to finish the bottle which I did. I felt his spirit when I drank it. Then I asked him to be my business partner. I don't recall him saying yes. He just was instantly my partner from that moment on. After I was done meditating with this vision (it's now on the clock 11:11), I got into bed and got the idea to write you and let you know that Jesus is going to help me with my Etsy business.

I asked Jesus to help me listen always and not miss a suggestion from Him. Thanks again for the reading. My girlfriend was impressed with what came through and thought it was quite intense that Jesus Christ came through answering my questions in our reading. I, however, was more than delighted!"

David P. - Entrepreneur, Parent, Husband, and Follower of Jesus, Raleigh, NC


"I have personally had two readings with Tamara. They both have been great for me and have helped me grow spiritually. Tamara Caulder Richardson is the real deal and she has an awesome gift. In one of my readings, I was contacted by my mother-in-law who died of Alzheimer's and a friend who committed suicide. Both visits helped me immensely and solidified my faith in God and a loving afterlife. Recently, I bought a new house and reached out to Tamara to help with how to bless our home. She gave me all the specific instructions, Christian prayers, and Bible-based blessed essential oils so my husband, and my two kids I can bless this new home for our family. I am excited to start using Tamara's Bible-based protection and healing oils along with the prayers. God Bless you Tamara for making a difference in my life and so many others. Keep up God's work!"

Amy Young - Mother, Business Owner, Atlanta, Georgia


Here’s my story, as proof that Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium, is legit, the real thing. And, I believe God gave her this gift to connect to those in Heaven that have passed to help us here on earth with getting over our grief.

On August 28, 2005, my protective brother got in an argument about a friend of his that wanted to date me, Israel. That evening, I told Israel to meet me at my spot behind Café Du Monde in New Orleans and come to talk to me if he wanted. Israel never came to the spot so I finally gave up and went back to the corner where I had arranged to meet my brother. The next morning is when they announced that everyone needed to seek shelter to get out of the path of Hurricane Katrina. The homeless assistance officer argued with me for about 10-minutes trying to get me into the shelter but I didn’t want to leave the spot where I was in waiting for my brother. Later, his best friend, Draco, found me in the Super Dome and reported to me that he had just watched my brother get killed at a nightclub by an armed gunman. This caused me to blame and hate myself because I felt like it was my fault that my brother died. My brother and I were very close and my best friend. I was devastated over this. A few weeks later, I even tried to contact his spirit through others but it didn’t work. I tried to have other so-called mediums try to help me bring him through but with no success. Along the way trying to find comfort, I ran into a few frauds that claimed that they brought him through but did not. Also, I got bad vibes from them.

This past March, I was on the Southern Women’s Show in Richmond, Virginia. I saw the event page and found out about Tamara Caulder Richardson (AKA, Southern Belle Medium) was going to be on stage giving medium demonstrations called, Messages from Heaven. I also looked her up on her website and she admits she works with God and Jesus. I also saw she had a ton of glowing testimonials. I  knew the Southern Women's Show was an established, quality event so I decided to give it one last try and attended Tamara’s show. This was the best thing I ever could have decided to do. I was in the audience with several hundred people and Tamara started describing my brother, his personality, how he dressed, and how he had a tragic death through a shooting at a nightclub. OMG, out of everyone my brother came through to her very clearly, with lots of evidence it was him! He told me that he loves me, and that I needed to stop being so hard on myself and that it was NOT my fault, that it was his time to go. Tamara's stage reading has really helped me stop being so hard on myself, know my brother in spirit is okay and loves me so much, as do I with him! Tamara’s loving and God-based Heavenly message gave me the closure that I needed to move on again with my own life. I am in tears writing this. Anyhow, I recommend Tamara to anyone. She is a kind woman that is very gifted. I like the fact she is a Christian too. 

Thank you for sharing your gift with me!"
Melanie Reemtsen - Richmond, VA


"Dear Tamara,

I am writing this review of my experience at the Richmond Southern Women's Show on March 18, 2018. It is my hope that you will share this with the organizers of this event and you will be at the 2019 Richmond Southern Women's Show. I want you to come back for many following years to come!!

Tamara Caulder Richardson, the Southern Belle Medium, is amazing and the real deal!  I was impressed with her open and honest demeanor as she spoke to the audience. I felt like we were all friends and it was due to her friendly and encouraging manner as she spoke to individuals regarding their loved ones, I knew she was genuine and good at what she does. Her positive energy and attitude permeated the stage to the whole audience as she brought messages of love and comfort from those who have crossed over to their relatives here, to us on this earthly plane. I also liked how she spoke about her near-death experiences and actually being in Heaven, that God and Heaven is a real place. She is like a breath of fresh air with her down-home friendliness which puts you at ease. I hope that the Southern Women's Show organizers will continue to book Mrs. Tamara Caulder Richardson for many years to come! I am definitely a BIG fan!"

Denise Travillion, Teacher, Richmond, VA


“I went to the Women's Show in Richmond ONLY because I knew Tamara would be there on stage giving messages and wanted to see a professional medium live doing this. However, I NEVER expected to have such a profound experience as I did! I was in the crowd of about 300 or so people, then Tamara started picking up on my father so strong that it took up the whole show and continued into my personal reading to the point that "he" wouldn't let anyone else come through. LOL! Tamara, you were so spot-on about things no one unless very close family knew about my dad! You even talked with me about issues I have in my life that I never told anyone about. Also, thank you for sharing with me how to energetically protect myself as an empath, and invited to help me with my journey! Thank you so much. So grateful I met you and have become a lifelong follower of you!!”

Liz Jones – Office Manager, Richmond, VA


"Hi, Tamara,
Wow, what a wonderful reading you gave me! I was so surprised that secret information on my Mom's side of the family that came through, that I only knew. I have gone to mediums but with no luck. I had never heard from anyone in my family in all the years until my reading with Tamara. I also got information from my girl friend's family to give to her that later she validated to be true. This experience was thought-provoking and very accurate, and heartwarming. Thank you very, very much, Tamara!"

David R., Edgar Cayce Center Volunteer


"I went to a local group medium demonstration Tamara was having. I was shocked when she started giving a description regarding my grandmother, what she cooked, childhood members I had with her, and how she was a saint and loved God. All this detailed information took me by overwhelming surprise... 'cause I knew it was my grandmother and she was talking about me! I raised my hand and told her it was my grandmother. I was fighting the tears to talk. Then Tamara said she does not speak Spanish but asked if I did. I told her yes, I am from the Dominican Republic. She said she did not speak Spanish but my Spanish grandmother wanted to address me in my native tongue and that she would try not to mess up my language. Tamara then gave me a message from my grandmother that in English meant, "All people are God's children, and they meet him at the foot of Christ." I was shocked! That was her saying in life. And, Tamara does not speak Spanish. That was beyond proof it was her. Then my grandmother told me how much she loved me.

Funny, I had recently in my prayers for my deceased grandmother (and woman who raised me) to reveal herself in spirit when the time was right. Tamara gave undeniable evidence it was her. I felt my grandmother's presence and her love so strongly in that room... and in my heart. My experience through Tamara’s reading could not have been more divinely timed. The profound sense of validation and peace I received only served to fortify my relationship with God and to help heal this world through God’s love. Thank you for such a beautiful experience, one I will never forget. God bless you always."

Warmest regards,
Ty R. - Transformational Coach and Medium, Charlotte, NC

"Tamara Caulder Richardson has a God-gifted ‘talent’ to see into the spirit world and into the higher Heavens. Having known Tamara since youth, she has always had this ability, often seeing and understanding things beyond the physical world. Fast forward to about four years ago, we were catching up on the telephone (after a 20 years without any communication) she knew nothing of my (then) current life. During normal conversation, she stopped me and began to ask me questions about a current event in my life (which I had not yet shared). When I confirmed what she had seen, she began to spill out all of the facts and then issued me a stern warning on a situation. She apologized for breaking into our time of catching up, but said the information was so startling and urgent, she had to share. As the scenario in my life began to unfold, I saw the imminent danger in the situation and made changes to which it was adverted. So Tamara helped me to avoid getting hit by a curveball, so to speak. And, I am super grateful for that.

I was so powerful what Tamara said, I decided a few months later, to purchase a private reading in hopes to get information about my natural father, who is deceased, and whom I never had an opportunity to meet. Before we even began, someone in the heavenly’s realm began to reach out to her. This ‘conversation’ with my spirit family included my birth dad and expanded to other family members with things I only knew. This reading has brought much comfort, hope, and validation to my life. It has given me the confirmation of personal questions I had about my childhood. 
The confirmation of many events in my life has increased my confidence to make the changes I need to make for myself to go forward. I cannot express the feeling of validation and love I received from my family members in Heaven.

I highly recommend Tamara’s services as they come from a place of love, God and safety. She does not operate through with the darkness, but through the light of our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Tamara is a light and a real prophet of God."
With sincerity,
J.E.S. - Fashion Designer, Austin, Texas
"Hi, Tamara,

Last night, I was at your medium demonstration and you were amazing! I was your first reading of the night when my father came through with proof it was him and then gave a very sweet, touching message to me. I was so impressed with my reading that I want to set up a private reading.
I look forward to going to more of your events! Thank you again."

Warmest, Lisa Marshall

"Good morning, dear Tamara!

It is with great and humbling honor I get to report to you the start of the energy work that came up in my reading, has begun. I feel like a flower ready to bloom a little at a time. Then, I will be fully flourished and in bloom.

I am grateful for the information you gave me. I was really at a point that I was ready to listen to some wisdom. I also thank you for my loved ones coming through in spirit letting me know they are okay and give me a personal loving message. I want to thank you so very much for your part in my life's development and growth. You really are a change agent for God, helping people like me understand the greatness in myself, what the Divine has planned for my path, and encouraging me and others to be the best version of themselves they can."

Blessings to you and yours,
Dee K., Wyoming - Entrepreneur

"Good afternoon Ms. Richardson:

I just want to say how delighted I was to discover your inspirational website today. I am a retired pastor from the Christian denomination. Many years of me being an active minister,  I did not respect or appreciate the wonderful work done by mediums.  Since my retirement, I have become interested in, and attracted to, mediumship, which I have come to believe is divinely-given and which brings comfort and blessing to many people.

I especially appreciate your description of your near-death experiences and how it has enhanced your spiritual gifts.  I am very happy to read that you have been to Heaven and that you have experienced the great love of God and that and that today you channel Jesus.  What a wonderful experience and memory that must be for you to carry with you each day!  I pray that it will continue to inspire you in your wonderful work.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences on your enlightening website. I know that Jesus will continue to bless your work in the future as he has in the past through your past near-death experiences, and still does now.  Peace and blessing to you, my friend in Christ."

Roger H. - Retired Christian Minister


"Tamara Richardson is a unique and masterful medium and pure channel of Christ. During a one-hour session with Tamara, Jesus informed me through her about aspects of my journey that was very accurate, detailed and gave me a clear view of my next steps. Tamara and Jesus gave me new pieces of my puzzle that gave me decisive direction and inspiration. I am very grateful for my experience with Tamara and highly recommend contacting her for a channeled message from Heaven."

Steven Ratcliff - Canadian Radio Host of; Spiritually Naked Radio


"Hi, Tamara,

In my one-on-one reading, you spoke about my sister, Martha, who is in late-stage Alzheimers that was so true.  My Mom and Dad came through urging me to visit her before Christmas. You said that she may not make it to Christmas and you got the dates Dec. 11th or 12th, which was correct.  You said that I am a spiritual healer and that my parents wanted me to be present with her so that I would bring a kind of closure for her.  I did go and do that at the nursing home she is at, and it went well My daughter was here visiting from upstate New York for Thanksgiving, so I decided to ride back with her and go to see my sister, then fly back here.  One of my sister's daughters is just a year younger than I am and is retired.  She agreed to drive me to see her mother, who lives in Hilton, NY with her youngest daughter.  We spent the night there and part of the next day, so I got to interact with my sister and both my nieces.  My sister is bed-bound, except for when they use a lift machine to move her to a chair for a time.  Her elbows and knees are contracted and she can no longer stand.  She can't carry on a conversation and mostly keeps her eyes closed.  When she does open her eyes, they are mostly quite vacant, showing no recognition and she rarely vocalizes except to express anger and frustration especially when she is bathed or moved against her will.  Most of her words are garbled or a repeat garble of something just said to her.  You told me of an old picture of her with my parents, another sister, and brother that was taken when she was a teenager. That photo does exist but there is no way you would know that! You even named each person in that picture! Since you told me to go visit my sister in the home, and gently touch her, I am amazed she has looked at me with recognition in her eyes and said "I love you, sweetie.'  It wasn't repeating what I had said because I hadn't just told her I loved her -- it was out of the blue.  I'm so glad that I went and I do feel closure with her!  I only became teary-eyed once when the song came on, 'I'll Be Home For Christmas', came on her CD player while I was there. I knew that from our reading session that she just may be home with her parents, sister, and brother, and God by that time, which is what happened.

Thank you again for helping me understand my sister's declining health, and assist in her passing with God working through my gentle touches and calming messages to her before she passed. I do feel that really helped both of us to connect on a soul-to-soul level."

Much Love,
Alona S. - Hilton Head, SC

"Wow, Tamara is a beautiful soul! I went into this reading expecting some guidance for my future but instead, she gave me so much more. I never realized that I had not really moved on from my past hurts. Tamara gave me such a blessing helping me understand the need to leave that behind (with evidence what had happened to me) and to move forward in the life that was given to me. She told me that I had to completely let go and trust in my faith in God's plans for me.  I will be forever grateful for the wisdom and clarity her beautiful soul gave me."

Thank you so much!
Denise Taylor - Mt. Olive, NC (Retired Teacher)


"Thanks so much, Tamara,

You were wonderful and so generous with your time with me, and so kind and patient. I learned a lot today, who I am and where I am going. I feel confident and good today.
It can be so hard when you feel disconnected from the world. After our life path session, I feel so much more united within myself and connected again to God. I appreciate you for what you have given to me, which is hope in life, God and in myself again. Many blessings and the best of life to you!"

Respectfully appreciative,
Joanna C. - NY, Travel Agent and Mother of Two


"Dear Lovely Tamara,

Thank you isn't enough for the wonderful and totally amazing God-filled reading you gave! I was able to connect with my family and ancestors in spirit, ie., maternal and paternal grandparents, great-grandfather, great-aunts, lots of great aunts telling me to have more fun shine my light again! LOL! It was like a big, fun, family reunion with my folks in Heaven.
My dad came through loud and clear. It was totally him! And, not only did he give me messages but gave me some to relay to my living family members! He always was a talker!  There were so many things you could not have known unless you were really talking to my relatives. Tamara, you blew me away! You were 100% spot-on.  Southern Belle Medium, you gave me specifics and details that no one, EVER, could know.

The most beautiful of all was the messages were from my savior, Jesus. He came through and responded to things I asked Him in my prayers. Jesus discussed very supportively what's next for me in my life, and to trust the Father. I'm ready to accept the responsibility in what's next now with hope and joy. I have had readings with other psychics/mediums and they don't even come close to soul message I received.
Thank you, Tamara, for your divine gift and sharing it with others. I cannot express the happiness I feel after our session. You are beyond exceptional. No wonder Jesus brought you back from your near-death experiences. You have too much to do here to help others like me. So keep up God's work and keep shining your bright light of love!"

God Bless you!
Tracey R.,  Montreal, Canada

"Holy smokes, Tamara is the real deal. When I signed up for a small group session, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I mean, I knew she had come highly recommended but personally I had never had a reading with a medium. I walked away amazed and excited about the findings from our session. On a personal note, Tamara is a sensitive and caring person too. She took ample time with me.  And, she is very down to earth! She definitely went to great lengths to make our small group reading experience memorable, from the amount of time spent with each and every person, to be available for follow-up questions after the event.  She truly has a gift, and uses it to help others find their way and reconnect with the Source of all."

Thank you and God Bless you dear one! 
Mel A. - Charlotte, NC


"Hi, Tamara,

I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed my reading and how impressed I was with all those who came through for me that you identified, by personality, characteristics and even by name!  It has taken a while for me to absorb all the information that came out. I have been reviewing the recording of our session and your notes. I am finding more things that I missed that were on-point that you said. I'm glad that I did this reading with you because spirit came through in some surprising ways after my reading.  I'll explain about that later. LOL! It's all good!

In my medium session with you, my mother came through and you identified her as my mother and gave the letter M for her name.  Her name was Mary.  You said she had been around 87-90 when she died. She was 90 when she passed over.  You picked up traits of hers to the tee, like loving to polish her nails and that she liked the lighter nail polish colors. You also mentioned she had gifts she had for me -- a blue and green scarf and pearls.

She was concerned about my husband's low energy and borderline depression which fits where he is right now. He has been having difficulty adjusting to being retired from a very active physical job.  You next brought up James as a great grandfather. I mentioned that my great grandfather was James William and my grandfather was James William, Jr.  You mentioned how poor he had been -- having one potato for the whole family.  And I confirmed that after he died, his children had been placed first in a Poor House and later an orphanage in Scotland.  Next, you brought through my father, Harold.  You described him as the type of Dad everybody would want --decent, kind respectable, ethical, no-nonsense and well put together, which fit him to a total tee.  You also mentioned cigarettes around him and he had been a smoker.  He wanted me to know that he had never left me and was always with me.  He died when I was seven years old, but I can say that I have always felt him be near me.  You even described his dry sense of humor and that he was a 'sweet' man.  You saw him with my mother who was dressed in a long champagne-colored gown and he was putting a corsage on her wrist as though they were going to a prom, saying they didn't get to do enough of that sort of thing.  I had the impression that they had both chosen to show themselves as young adults -- younger than I had ever known them since they were in their 40's by the time I was born. 

My mother was an identical twin and you mentioned her twin sister's, daughter's; Joan and Jeannie by name.  You even got Joan's husband's name right, which is Jon. On top of that, you got Jon's last name which is, Jackson!  Mom wanted me to write them a note because she thought they felt lonely and a bit forgot about.  Mom then talked about my oldest sister who is in the late stages of Alzheimer's, which my mother herself had suffered from and she urged me to travel to New York State to see her -- before Christmas, if possible.  You said that Mom mentioned 3 children, 2 and 1.  I confirmed that Mom and Dad had 2 girls and a boy long before I was born to make it 4 children.  They were 18, 20 and 22 when I was born.  Lastly, you brought through my sister who had died from breast cancer and you heard her name as Evelyn.  Her name was Evalena and she mentioned how much she loved this time of year and especially apple pie with ice cream, which was a particular favorite of hers.  Lastly, they sent me encouragement to continue my own spiritual development and bring joy and healing to others.  

Follow-up... A few days after my reading, I was searching through some storage containers to find books on the Shetland Islands to give to a friend who is doing a presentation on a book about the Shetland Islands ( which is the homeland of my father's ancestors and where I have visited 3 times ). To my amazement and surprise when in this same container, I found my mother's blue and green scarf, her pearls that Dad had given her many years ago and an old photo of my Dad with his shirt open, just like you described in our reading!  You had even mentioned that in this photo you were seeing my Dad looking a bit like an Ernest Hemingway with an open shirt.  I couldn't ever remember seeing him like that -- until I found this old picture where the family was on a picnic and he was standing over the food with an open shirt!  Amazing!  I'm attaching a few pictures of the people and the scarf and pearl items you brought through in my reading. I thank you so much for the wonderful job you did in bringing them through to me. Wow, they were so alive and full of happiness in my reading. So, thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!"

Much Love to you,
Karen T. - Near-Death Experiencer, Retired Administrator

"Dear Tamara,

Last Wednesday was a very enjoyable experience with you.  While I think everyone enjoyed the time I was particularly moved when my mom came through to you!  You were right on target with all the information you shared with me. Then you told me my mother wanted to give me a hug and that you were also a physical medium, agreed to this. I said, okay. I was completely shocked that the hug you gave me was 100% my mother! You even moved your body like hers and touched as she did. The other ladies in the group knew my mother when she was alive and was shocked too. They said to me later, "Oh my God, Tamara moved just like your mom!" More than that, I felt her spirit there, and when we hugged, I felt her soul next to mine. It was a mind-blowing experience, to say the least. Wow, what a treat to have Mom hold me again!

That night I did not think to thank you for giving this as a group reading as a donation to benefit the, Make A Wish Charity. Not only are you highly gifted but giving and kind. What a gift you are to this world!  Thank you and always stay true to yourself. You are a very special person!"

Much love and thanks,
Lisa L. - Consultant, Greensboro, NC


"Hello, Tamara,
Needless to say, our session and you communicating with my mother and father for me had been nothing short of life-changing. Not only was their message profound but knowing they're still nearby and looking out for me, has moved my very soul. I always presumed they were in another part of the galaxy or reincarnated and just out of touch with me. I'm going through a mini-life review now and having this reading has given me hope in the future, and in the afterlife. And, that all will be just fine.

Thank you for your service using your extraordinary gift to help others. Also, thank you for being so darn down-to-earth, spontaneous and authentic. You were a joy to spend time with."

Joseph A. - Retired Police Officer, Raleigh, NC


"I meet Tamara at the 2016 IANDS Conference. First of all, she is such a joy to be around. We shared a lot of laughs and had a blast at the conference! When I got home from the conference I had Tamara give me a 2-hour life path/medium reading over Zoom. Her spiritual guidance session started out from the very beginning to open my heart which I trusted her right off the bat. In my reading, Tamara’s messages for me personally was amazing! Wow, Tamara’s supernatural psychic and medium ability to listen to spirit and perceive deep soul messages are astonishing! With Tamara's genuine and caring nature she really offers a true soul healing in this world."
God Bless and Thank You, Tamara!
Sally Jo M. - Homemaker, Oregan


"Dearest Tamara!

Thank you so much for such an inciteful reading. I went to bed not knowing what to think but when I awoke the next morning, my heart was full of gratitude and love for you.  I couldn't believe all that you had revealed to me.  I was so excited that I reached out to my brothers (who we have had difficulty getting along) and shared what came through with my mother who resides in a nursing home with dementia.  I thought it was amazing she could come through even though she was still in this world. After her message, all the guilt went away and a feeling of peacefulness, love, and happiness came over me.  My mother had left my father many years ago for another man who never worked out. For years now, my father has been in the next world.  Well, in your reading my mother and father have reconnected in Heaven and forgiven each other, are together again as soul mates. I'm looking forward to the day we can all be together in Heaven, bringing all the animosities to naught and uniting our entire family!

The other souls that came through were also so heartwarming.  And what a bonus to get my little dog, Sara, come through and give her love!
Tamara, I also want to thank you for inspiring me to write a little inspirational book, which came up in our session. I thought that night, no way could I do this but in the morning after the reading and meditation and had a eureka moment occurred. I now know exactly what this little book is and will be.  I am in a state of profound gratitude and overwhelming love to you!"

Love and blessings to you dear Tamara!
Taffy R. - Nantucket, Ma/Brandon VT


"My mother and I had a beautiful experience with Tamara. After knowing about her for several years, we decided to go ahead and get readings. We both learned things about ourselves, each other and from loved ones above. Tamara is a genuine person and fantastic, medium. My mom and I both would do this again with Tamara, in a heartbeat!"
Thank you so much for your gift!
Meredith D. - Mother, Charlotte, NC


"Tamara has given me now several readings and each was absolutely amazing and different! In each session, she has brought through names of family members that had passed and messages of love and support. She mentioned to me things that no one would know. I have always felt comfortable asking questions, and opening my heart when getting a personal reading with Tamara. She always makes me feel at ease during readings and is very easy to talk to! Tamara is a messenger from God put here to heal hearts and give loving spiritual encouragement to people like me. Thank you for everything, Tamara!"

Kindest Regards and thanks,
Laura J. Stoner- Mother, Banker, Charlotte, NC


"Tamara Richardson is a real delight. She offered detailed evidence from beyond, and insightful life purpose information that was applicable to me. We
had a marvelous connection and covered so much in our medium session! I really appreciated our time together. She is a fantastic medium!"

--Anne Archer, Dolphin Films, Director/Owner


"Open your heart and prepare to journey where you might not have thought possible - with Tamara Caulder Richardson. The Southern Belle Medium has an extraordinary ability to connect you to those who are rendering assistance from the other side. You really do have a team of allies with you all the way! If you feel stuck or uncertain about which path to take, the insights Tamara provides is invaluable in gaining the forward momentum you may need. Prepare to may attention in your session with Tamara, because the things that you will learn can truly help change the course of your life for the better.

I was blown away by the depth and details revealed during our session together. What Tamara can help you achieve is very real. I happily recommend her medium, channeling and spiritual consulting services to all who wish to learn more about their journey here, and connect with those they miss that are now in Heaven!"

Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.
Homeopath and nationally syndicated talk show host


"I had the honor of expressing my gratitude to a truly gifted lady, Tamara Richardson.  We spent two hours in reading conversation that seemed like minutes.  The messages she brought were nothing less than astonishing.  She has opened my eyes to a greater mission that sent me on a wild goose chase for answers!  The ensuing journey has been investigative labor of love and revelation.  I will be forever grateful to Tamara for her heavenly gifts."
With Love and Blessings,
Cherry M. – Banker, Nebraska


"Hello, Tamara,

The reading yesterday was amazing...from the beginning with our looking and dressing alike....continuing with our families inspirit uniting to assist with our communication....and culminating with the beautiful messages you delivered to me with such clarity, detail, and truth.  My heart is smiling today just feeling the love.  I am so thankful for you and your gifts!  
I actually played the song "Dancing in the Sky" that came up in my reading with you for the Processional at Mom's funeral service and I am singing it next week at a close friend's service.  I am anxious to get started on the other songs and the movie you recommended.  The door has opened and here I go!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Much love,


"My reading with Tamara was awesome.  She has such a lovely, warm spirit. I can see why souls on the other side are so drawn to her!  Apparently, I had quite a few family members show up who wanted to talk to me and gave me encouraging words that I really needed to hear. I can appreciate how hard it was for her to decipher all of their messages trying to come thru at once... it was a lot of family that came through!  Tamara went way over what was expected from the reading! I really appreciated the effort she made to ensure that I received the messages my family members were trying so hard to deliver.  It really helped me to know I am not alone and that I am still loved by the other side. She mentioned many childhood and family details that I only knew, which made it obvious that... Tamara's the REAL DEAL!  She truly comes across as someone who wants to help people with her gift and is no way just doing it for the money.  Matter of fact, she spent extra time with me for no extra charge.  I'm sure I will be a repeat client - thank you so much, Tamara!" 

XOX Jamie J.,  Raleigh, NC


“Tamara - Thank you so much for the amazing, touching messages you provided to me in my reading! It was awesome to get my Grandma's recipe for her fried pies in my reading too! LOL! Grandmother's actual recipe burned in the house fire that happened a few years after she passed. I have been upset for years to not have it. And, now I do! Also, it was amazing that my Grandpa came through about his tattoo (and what it looked like) saying that at age 72 he went through a midlife crisis and got a tattoo. Wow, you nailed it! No one would know that but himself and a few family members. It was also really tender to get my momma to express her feelings to me in the reading. There is an unbreakable bond between us still and that was obvious in the reading. I love that my grandmother is still protecting me. She was my best friend. It's comforting to me to know that my grandma, grandpa, and momma are still with me in spirit.

Thank you so very much for this amazing gift. Tamara, I will forever treasure this time with you, forever."
Mandy J. - Mother, Medical Tech, NC


"As for my reading with Tamara, I went into my encounter neither closed-minded but not entirely open-minded either. In fact, I was researching a work project. My first impression was that Tamara was not trying to impress me or dazzle me. She was down-to-earth and funny and this was more like a warm, friendly conversation.
As the session progressed along, I actually got chills and shivers of recognition as she brought things up to do with my family and friends (including names) that she could not have known, via Skype! We had never met before this and she did not ask any lea-in questions, but for me to answer only "yes or no's", or for me to respond to direct questions. She never "fished" - we just had a nice conversation. It was never a scary or unsettling experience. In fact, it was warm and comforting and the session ended with me feeling optimistic and intrigued!
I am really glad I took this opportunity to speak with Tamara. It was a real journey and an unexpected surprise! She really does have a gift that can help others reconnect with passed loved ones."

Cheers and X,
Marcus H. – Film Producer at BBC TV, Director for "Ripper Street" (Great Britain)


"Tamara was sent to me through the Twitter universe, and I had never had a reading done before, so I was a little nervous – I don’t know what the future holds for me, and finding out can wrack on the nerves!  When I first met Tamara on our Skype chat, I was instantly put at ease – she’s calm, serene, and has an overall “old soul” quality to her, meaning she’s instantly trustworthy and has a wonderful aura about her.

During our session, Tamara focused on what matters most to me in my life: family, friends, my love Quentin and our future. I’m in the midst of a big change in my life and Tamara not only put my at ease about that move, but she also reminded me of things that have happened in my past (regarding my family and family members that I’ve lost) that will help guide me in my life and career. Quite a few of my crossed over relatives came through to give their support and love in my reading.  Tamara gave me personal evidence that I only knew, and my deceased relative.

Tamara will send shivers down your spine in the best possible way and our conversation was relaxed. She’s never checking the clock and she will go above and beyond for your reading. Born with a gift that is genuine and pure, Tamara is the first reading I’ve ever had – and the only reader I will have from now on!”

Chow, love and thank you a ton!
- Lianne Spiderbaby - Fangoria Writer, Cineplex Magazine, Model/Actress/Girlfriend to Quentin Tarantino, Los Angeles, California (USA) & Native Canadian


"Dear Tamara,

I just wanted to thank you for the most amazing evening having you at our home for a group family reading. I am truly shocked at how accurate you were on everything you shared with our family group. I know there was healing taking place that night and it was badly needed too.
In addition, you are such a nice person and brought calmness and peace into our parlor room. You felt like a friend immediately. Thank you for your time and all the loving messages you shared from our spirit family.

The night of the reading our Mom jumped right in and became the co-hostess of the evening with Tamara as she did when she was here in life with us at family gatherings. Honestly, it was like a Family Reunion that evening! She brought up so many special events, fond memories and current things in our life that only we would know to be true.“

A very Sincere thank you for my whole family,
Shirley S. – Retiree, Pineville, NC


 “Let me tell you how much Tamara helped me cope with my mother’s death. Let me start by saying I had never had a reading before and I was a little skeptical. But the second I sat down with Tamara I felt something calming in the room. My mother had just passed 6 days prior to my reading but the reading had been scheduled for a while so I did not cancel it.
What happened first is Tamara gave evidence my proper British grandmother was coming through and described things that only she and I would know to be true. After she gave me a lot of evidence such as grandmother’s kitchen stool we inherited, a silver spoon that hangs on our wall that was hers, and a rooster clock that used to hang in my grandmother’s kitchen that Tamara described in detail and drew, that is my home in South Carolina! It was undeniably her!

Tamara got serious and said my grandmother wanted to touch me. Tamara extended her own hands, and let my grandmother’s come through her. Tamara held my hands only the way grandmother used to. Then Tamara handed me a few Kleenex and said: "You are going to need these because your mother is here." My mom described herself in detail, said things that only she and I did alone together as “mother/daughter”, and said things I only knew Mom said on her last days here on earth. Tamara was right I did need those Kleenex!! Then the best thing happened... Tamara said her mother wanted to hug me and that she would “try her best” for me. Tamara stood up, relaxed, then her facial features starting looking like my mom’s, and Tamara put her arms out while my mother was coming through her and she gave me the biggest hug. I could feel my mother on a soul level and all the love she had for me, plus more! It was just like old times and she was right there! I did not know a medium could do this or that this was possible!

I can't begin to tell you how her reading has helped me through this sad time of losing my Mom. My mother told me through Tamara that she doesn't hurt anymore and that she is happy and at peace. And that is enough for me to be at peace.

Thank you so much, Tamara! Your gift is a real blessing.”
Pauline S. – Weight Loss Supervisor, Rock Hill, SC


“Sometimes knowing the right people will bring you to a place in life you never before thought of. That person would be Tamara Caulder Richardson. At this very moment I am is tearing up thinking of the medium reading I had with her, how touching and accurate it was. The past few days, I was really missing my parent's not being around anymore. I called into a radio station because I heard they had a professional medium doing live medium readings. So I called in, got through somehow and I had a reading with Tamara over the phone, "live on the air". Not only did my parents come through but so did my sweet grandmother, where she was from which was Italy, her name, my granddad and his career of fixing cars, and a few other relatives! Tamara told me my mother's name, what she looked like and then saw a 1950's scene of her and me as a boy, dancing and doing the dance, "the twist" to the song by Chubby Checker. She said, my mom told her we danced a lot together when I was growing up, and we did! Also, my mom had a 50's party where she wore a poodle shirt and we did dance the twist to that song! Wow! I felt my mom's presence like she was right next to me! Reading and listening to the radio podcast and the comments Tamara made really brings me to tears! As a bonus, Tamara also gave me psychic information about my career. My grandmother chimed-in also through Tamara, and spoke of a contract I would sign around Thanksgiving. The timing all made sense to me. Plus, she mentioned what type of girl I would meet to settle down with. I can't believe my dreams are coming true! I indeed will be a well-known actor with a very bright future with a gorgeous lady in my arms!

I will be contacting Tamara again! Thank you so much. I feel amazing every day since this reading. Knowing I have my family's support and love from heaven is completely reassuring."

Your gift is a blessing! Thank you so much, Tamara!
Dominick Skippy Calvitto – Radio Host, Actor in "The Toxic Avenger", Nutley, NJ

Radio link to Dominic’s reading: (Go to .75 minutes into the show to hear Dominick's reading from Tamara.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPOtYwKoGko&feature=youtu.be 


 “Tamara Caulder-Richardson is a gifted seer and medium. In a very short order of time, a host of people whom I have known and loved made themselves known to me through Tamara’s ability to be a clear channel to the afterlife. There is a thin veil between this world and the world beyond, and Tamara has the ability to see beyond that veil and communicate with clarity of perception and a big, warm open heart. Thank you for sharing your gift!”

Rabbi Simcha Raphael, Ph.D. - DA’AT Institute for Death Awareness, Advocacy and Training, NY, NY


"I just had an AMAZING experience with Tamara Caulder Richardson. We sat for a one-hour reading. Let me first say, I don't get readings from other psychic mediums very often, mostly because I like to see myself how things unfold in my own life. 

Tamara was clear, concise, and above all accurate. Her compassionate and joyful nature was clear in all of her communication. In a word, I would recommend her to anyone who wants the truth without fluff and nonsense in their reading.

On a personal note, she is so energetically aligned with me our past, present and future experiences are quite similar. I am on a journey and it is my pleasure to know that I will be walking with this beautiful spirit and I look forward to partnering with her very soon to bring more light to this world."

Wishing You Many Blessings,
Kimberly R. - Psychic Medium, Palm Springs, California


 “Tamara, Thank you so much for my reading online. was amazed at the things you knew about me, and how you were so on point in telling me about the five specific paranormal experiences I've had as a child seeing spirits, and as an adult, and with whom they were. Without asking questions, you were able to tell me the names of the family members who have passed on, and why they visited me. But what I was really in awe about, was when you were speaking about having my mother coming through, and mentioned the word "Violet" to me (from my Mom), and it made the hairs on my arm stand up, and I asked myself, "how could she know this"??... It was a local NY candy (see image below) that mom and I used to eat together when I was very small as she rocked me. That was "our thing" we did! I don't even think they sell this candy brand anymore. This brought joy and tears to me that that was a message from my mom. No doubt about it, she is still with me in spirit!

Then I was absolutely "floored" when you asked me who "Ellen or Helen" was. That's when I knew you were authentic!! My mother’s name is, Helen. You have a beautiful gift! Thank you for your time spent with me from the bottom of my heart.”

Love, Michael
Michael Thomas Harris – Artist/Musician, Harlem, NY


“I attended a live medium demonstration uptown Charlotte, NC with Tamara Caulder Richardson as the medium. I went to the event to have a little fun but never expected a personal and meaningful reading, especially out of a crowd of people. After the event ended Tamara decided she'd work for 15 additional minutes for those that chose to stay to get a reading. Of course, no one left. When she began to get communication from spirit, she mentioned daughter’s father was coming through then she walked over to my section of the theater. I still didn't believe the message or person coming through was going to be for me. But as soon as she began to talk about what she was receiving in explicit detail, I had no doubt it WAS my father and our memories we shared. Tamara was talking about how he dressed, his attitude, how he looked like one of the “Beach Boy’s, and he did. How we had nature walks and talked. There was NO WAY she could have known the details she was giving me. I was stunned. She even described my dad’s exact words he used to call my husband when referring to him. I highly recommend Tamara for her abilities and her compassion for people. I look forward to seeing her live on stage again!”

Thank you dearly for my reading. I will always treasure the message I got from my dad.”

Molly K. - Historical Actor and Natural Gardener, Charlotte, NC


"My experience with Tamara Richardson was incredible! I went to a fundraiser dinner in NY, in August of 2015. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to get two readings, from my loved ones (mother in law, and maternal grandmother) coming through by Tamara. And, my poodle of almost 20 years came through with them too! There had to be at least 130 people there. I felt so blessed to receive a personal message just for me!

I also liked the way Tamara took her time to explain how her gift works and what we the audience could expect, was such a wonderful way to begin. It was clear to me that if a spirit came through it was with a message of LOVE, as Tamara explained.

When I realized the message was for me, I was shocked and honestly a little afraid, but when the message actually started to sink in, I was overcome with a feeling of joy, warmth and pure love from heaven itself!!! It was very personal to me.

I will always be grateful for that wonderful night!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me, Tamara. You are a blessing to all!”

Sincere thanks!
Debbi H. - Administrative Manager, Mahopac Falls, NY


"I wanted to write and say what a wonderful experience I had with Tamara! I do not get readings, very rare in my experience have I found any to hold any significance to me or my life. Tamara, you proved those words wrong. She is definitely a very gifted woman; I enjoyed our session so much that I asked to arrange another one.
 Tamara spent much time on giving me a reading, it was not some 30-minute basic type thing that many people find themselves receiving. She was very detailed, sincere, and most of all real in all her gifted blessed ways. She also did not ask or even WANT any information during our session. If I began to say something that could influence her in any way she would immediately say hold on just answer, "yes or, no" right now, as she wanted it to be of the utmost sincerity.

  She was throughout the whole read very accurate. Before I could ask the questions that were very deep within my own mind to have ready for her; well, she had already spoken of them answering them with detail, which blew my mind! I did have two major questions I had lined up (even to ask in vague ways) that I have never spoken, written, or any way shape or form let released from my mind ever.
  It is rare to find people who speak how they are sensitive and gifted these days anymore that mean it and are legit. Tamara is not only a gifted woman in the spiritual and paranormal way but an absolute blessing, full of positive energy, wonderful and delightful woman to be in company with.

  Everyone should take a chance on trying a read! You won’t regret it! Tamara has my full support in all she is, does, and pursues. I would recommend anyone to do a session with Tamara on my word from my own experience to at least walk away with 90% satisfaction if not 100% and look forward to reconnecting with her again for my next reading."

Wishing all the best and many Blessings!
Angel C. - Producer/Actress/Writer, LA, California - USA


"Thank you so much for the amazing and touching messages you provided to me. Through my reading with you and my grandmother coming through, it was awesome to get my Grandma's recipe for her fried apple mini pies. The recipe burned in the house fire that happened a few years after she passed. She must have known how upset I was for not having it anymore! It was also amazing that my Grandpa came through about his tattoo saying that at age 72 he went through a "mid-life crisis", and had to get a tattoo as part of his bucket list. How funny! That was him too. A rebel for sure.
It was also really tender to get my momma coming through and expressing her feelings, and thanking me for being there told the end of her life. I always wanted to hear the things she said to me, through you. Even in heaven, there is an unbreakable bond between us. It's comforting to me to know that my grandparents, and mom are still with me.

I love that my grandmother is still protecting me too! What a hoot. She was my best friend. Actually, she still is to this day!

Thank you so very much for this amazing gift. I will treasure this forever!"
Mandy Jones (Salt Lake City, Utah - USA)


Tamara Caulder is by far one of the most shockingly accurate psychic-mediums I have ever been to. As someone who normally does not see psychics because of bad experiences, I must say I was pleasantly shocked at what came out of this reading. At this point in my life, I was told everything I needed to hear to assist and encourage me, but nothing what I expected. Nothing she told me was surface or generic information but quite the opposite. In fact, most of this two-hour reading was quite deep and detailed, and with no downtime. Tamara started by telling me about a blue sports uniform. Now I was never into sports except football in high school but my brother was! He wore that exact uniform Tamara described. She told me that my brother and I were 3-4 yr difference which is true. I never told her I had a brother. She stated how we were very different and also mentioned my sister and her two sons. Then Tamara began to explain how we were all negatively affected from our childhood through to now. She explained how to heal the “little hurt boy” in me that did not get all his emotional needs meet. She did warn me another family (living and deceased) might come up in this reading, and they did! Okay, this was my first inkling that this reading might be legit. There is no way Tamara could have known this personal information about me. I have never met her or talked to her in my life! We were total strangers. I live in Settle and she lives in the Carolinas. I was told by a friend she was the “real deal” and she is!

Soon afterward my mom’s brother popped up in the reading. I did not know him well since he died a while ago when I was a young boy. But sure enough, he came through with clarity. Tamara could not have known anything about him. This is the way it went for a bit with various family spirits making themselves known. Some I knew some and other relatives that passed I was only vaguely familiar with.
She gave accurate messages from my childhood, present and even exciting news for the future. There is no way she could know some of this personal information about me and my family. She also gave an idea of what my deceased relatives looked like and their personality. It is amazing that life does go on.

Then, the meat of the reading soon came! Wow, this really was a medium and life path reading.

First I should explain, I had been diagnosed with a kidney tumor and since that diagnosis, I had become grown very cynical about life in general. Tamara did not know any of this and truly my main reason for contacting her was to see if I was going to be “okay”. This was answered in great detail but in a way that I least expected it, yet this reading was delightful, spot-on to my situation and full of hope.

Tamara stood up (we were on Skype) and showed where my tumor was in the exact place, behind my bladder and described what it looked alike. All of my fears regarding the existence of life after death are now baseless after getting this life-changing reading. And quite honestly so is my cynical nature. Life has become hopeful and beautiful once again. And maybe even adventurous and exciting!
Tamara told me I should take up “sword fighting” and talked about my love of the Middle Ages. Tamara could not have known that I am into the history and fantasy of the Middle Ages since a small age. I used to be so much into it that I worked at Renaissance Fair! As for sword fighting, recently last Saturday I just joined a live-action role-playing group based on medieval combat. Again, there is NO way Tamara could have known this was a passion of mine!

Really, the whole point of this reading… was that my life will go on to be completely fulfilled but that I must take responsibility for this precious life I have been given, go get what I want and create the life I want. Tamara told me to “own who I really am and embrace it with joy”! We are all different, have different needs and that is a good thing.
A lot of things happened those two hours and I am still meditating on the ramifications. I had every one of my questions, which were many, answered in the reading! Tamara told me to write it down beforehand. She said Spirit will see what your heart’s concerns are as you write down the questions to me. With that said, I was told so many things that I had never even thought about, yet was perfect for me. The reading has transformed me to be the best me I can and has helped me to understand who I really am – and own it. I will be using her amazing gifts quite regularly from now on. This experience I went into apprehensively and came out with a new viewpoint on life!

Thank you so much! Your friend always!"
Phillip W. - Musician/Business Owner, Ghost Hunter, Settle, WA


"I just want to say that Tamara is the real deal. I have had numerous readings in the past. Almost all of them have been bogus...blatant generalities that could pertain to anyone. I have a healthy skepticism when it comes to psychics. I can honestly say Tamara's reading was the best I've ever had. She gave specifics, including exact names. She described family members and related past events that she has absolutely no knowledge of, in detail. For the record, this is the first time I've ever spoken with her. On top of that, the reading was over the telephone so there was no reading body language. She did not fish for info from me. Her accuracy was about 90%. The other 10% may be spot on as well; I just couldn't recall at that moment. Tamara is highly personable, very caring, and so easy to talk to. She did not rush...she answered all the questions I had. As for predicting the future, time will tell.

Thank you, Tamara, for a great reading!!"
Amy R. - Grammar School Teacher, Cape Cod, Mass.


"My reading with Tamara was awesome. She has such a lovely, warm spirit. I can see why souls on the other side are so drawn to her! Apparently, I had quite a few family members show up who wanted to talk to me and gave me encouraging words that I really needed to hear. I can appreciate how hard it was for her to decipher all of their messages trying to come thru at once... it was a lot of family members that came through! Tamara went way over what was expected from the reading! I really appreciated the effort she made to ensure that I received the messages my family members were trying so hard to deliver. It really helped me to know I am not alone and that I am still loved by the other side. She mentioned many childhood and family details that I only knew, which made it obvious that... Tamara's the REAL DEAL! She truly comes across as someone who wants to help people with her gift and is not just doing it for the money. Matter of fact, she spent extra time with me for no extra fees. I'm sure I will be a repeat client.”

Thank you so much, Tamara!
 Jamie J. – Hair Stylist, Raleigh, NC


“I just had an AMAZING experience with Tamara! I had never been to a medium before, and let me tell you... I am so glad I asked who to go to for a quality medium, reading because I was BLOWN AWAY.
Tamara was clear, concise, and most importantly, accurate with names, places, memories, home items described and more. It was wild. There is no way she could have known any of this, not to mention an hour and a half’s worth of detailed information on my family and personal memories! She first said my grandmother on my mom’s side was here, mentioned the exact name I called her, “Memaw”, followed by a comment about “blue hair” which triggered a memory of my aunt colored my grandmother’s hair accidentally Dr. Seuss blue! I was hooked from that moment on! She continued by saying she wasn’t alone, that my grandfather was with her in spirit. Tamara mentioned that granddad LOVED eating grits with bacon grease, and was always fixing his back toilet bathroom and said it was probably him that broke it all the time cause he has stomach problems, ha! He even told Tamara about a re-sectioning of his colon he had to help it. She mentioned a ladder they always kept against the house and they did! It was either on the backside of the garage or up in the apple tree.

Then, she told me a friend named “Bill” or “Will” was coming through. My grandparents always teased me about a neighbor/childhood friend I had growing up named Will! He was so funny and had a very distinct personality. Unfortunately, he passed from a rare form of cancer six days before high school graduation. Tamara said Will showed her an image of him in a suit and said that he and I and a bunch of friends went to prom together. OMG! I just showed my best friend a picture of him with that description of us in a photo we took together when we went to prom together junior year. Tamara also said Will brought up a silver and leather bracelet. Turns out, I had given him a silver bracelet with the words “PERSEVERE” on it not too long after he was diagnosed. She pinpointed the bracelet and had a grasp on what it said as well. I was astounded. She also mentioned he called me a “PGA Princess”. Will and I golfed together so I felt that was spot-on too and also had Will’s personality coming through at the same time. I had been praying for months to get a message from my grandparents and Will. I'm so glad I meet Tamara. Her gift really helps others in a deeply meaningful way! It is very hard to put this experience into words. I did not know all this was even possible. Tamara is so accurate, kind and her reading changed me as a person. I will definitely be in touch with her for more readings and for my own spiritual guidance in life!”

Linzy Cook- Business Manager, Golfer, Animal Lover, Boone, NC


"I so enjoyed my reading with Tamara. I have never experienced a psychic medium reading before, so I was not completely sure what to expect. But Tamara was so cool. The whole reading was very fun and interesting! One of the things I had written down to ask about was my husband's dog who passed away about a year ago. We still feel her around us, so I was curious if she would present herself… and sure enough, the first thing that came up was the presence of a dog! Of course, I got goosebumps! She then touched base on my children and some of our day-to-day stresses. It seemed that my husband's strong Italian relatives were trying to take over the conversation from my more passive family from "the other side"… which is totally true in life - so I guess it would be the same in the afterlife as well! Then she started telling me about a grandmother figure holding my hands while I was going through some sort of medical procedure, of female nature. This offered great comfort to me as I suffered a miscarriage a few years ago and was so distraught when going to have the procedure done, all alone. To know that my grandmother was with me, and I was not alone, is such a warm feeling. Tamara then went on to describe some of our health and career issues and gave me some great predictions for what may be coming down the road for both my career and my husband. Good stuff!!

I would totally recommend having a reading with Tamara. Thank you so much, Tamara! You have a wonderful gift, thank you for sharing it with me!"

Love to you and thanks again!
Zoe R. - Children's Book Artist/Writer & Mother of two, Belmont, NC


"August 2014, about 9-months after my Dad died in a fluke plane crash. A couple of months earlier my Mom attended a live medium event of Tamara's in Aiken, SC. My mom, Susan, went with a neighbor to the event that actually got a live reading in the audience. Her neighbor's reading was so accurate that the “realness” of it could in no way be denied or doubted. My Mom was convinced of Tamara being genuine and scheduled a reading with her a month later via Skype. My Mom's extensive reading was also mind-blowingly, accurate and left us all shocked and amazed by names, dates, and personal memories of loved one’s past. Tamara spoke not only about those loved ones departed but also about still-living relatives and friends, including my husband, me, and our children.
So, my husband, Inman, and I scheduled our reading and via Skype from Germany, where my husband was stationed at the time. We were both nervous and excited. My Mom was excited for us too! Tamara opened by explaining briefly what it is she does, that it comes from a very loving and spiritual place, and that it is not her speaking but kind of a “download” from the heaven and the higher realms. My husband and I felt very comfortable throughout the reading, laughed a lot, learned much and Tamara made us feel very comfortable. Many relatives, on both sides of the family, that have crossed overcame through with detailed messages of love that were filled with proof, “it was them”.

Initially, my maternal grandfather, Robert, came through and described a toy he used to play with my son with, while he was a baby. However, my granddad was “passed over” when my son was a baby. So he must have watched over both children and played with them (in spirit), with this toy. Tamara drew a picture of this artsy looking toy. She scanned it and emailed it over to us. I was a little stumped at this point because I didn't recognize the toy, it was for babies and my kids are 4 and 7 at the time. I just didn't remember it at all. However, the next day I went to work and “lo and behold” there it was, exactly as described by Tamara. I was so flabbergasted I took a picture of it and sent it to my Mom, husband, and Tamara. I was so shocked because that was a toy my son played with five years ago. The resemblance of Tamara’s drawing and the actual toy was startling and amazing!

Finally, my dad came through with a message and to let me know he was still with us, in spirit, and loved me dearly which moved me to tears of joy.
Over two hours, Inman and I got an in-depth reading from many loved ones that have crossed over. We got detailed, evidential messages of love, support and even some guidance on loving each other more.

Thank you, Tamara! Our reading changed our life and was truly unforgettable and meaningful beyond any words I could describe."
Mary C. - Bodybuilder, Nutritionist, Wife, and Mother, live in Germany and Aiken, SC


"Dear Tamara, I am still processing your communication with my deceased relatives from the other night. Wow, the 'bigness' of it is really starting to take hold. Funny, the conversation with them through you to me seemed so easy and natural, just like my parents were in the room with me. Hey, wait a minute - they were!!!!! They even spend the day with us! Wow!
I have missed my mother so much since her death almost 13 years ago and becoming aware of her presence was a great present. Just knowing she is near me every day is quite comforting and that her body's death, does not by any stretch mean she is gone, she's just in spirit form now.

I kind of already knew that life goes on and somehow she was near me, but it wasn't until she sent personal messages of my childhood and times with her, through you, did those specific messages that only I would know the proof of it, did I really believe it possible - till now.

It was also a joy to have my mother come through you and give examples of various art projects and crafts we did when I was growing up. You mentioned us making string art, paint, macramé and more. And the fact she is with me when I am creating (painting) now touches me and makes me feel close to her once again!
It was also funny when she told you how when I was in 5 or 6th grade I drew a family of bunnies (the mom, dad, and 2 siblings) from the backside, seeing only their tails. You also mentioned a wedding we went to when I was a child. It was an outdoor wedding. When the other kids were playing (still in their formal clothes), I was busy commenting on the "little ducky butts" around the pond. I was not interested in the other kids, but fascinated with the cute ducks, and their cute butts! Ha! Today many of my painted pictures are of people or dogs, many from behind. My mom told you that "She has always loved butts! Well... if it makes her happy, why not. She's is not hurting anyone and it makes her so happy!" I could not believe this came through and how funny too!

Tamara, you have not only helped me 'bridge the gap' with my loved ones that have crossed over to the other side but also given me some more pieces to the puzzle of our spiritual existence. Gee, life really does go on!

What is really resonating with me is the communication I had with my dad through you. Growing up we had a very 'bumpy' relationship and I never knew why or what I had done to displease him. Or, it felt like I did. This was always a source of pain while he was alive, and became a constant dull ache after his death because it was a question I knew would never get answered. During my reading with you, Dad did acknowledge his life got off course for a while. His drinking and tuning out in life not only hurt him in his interactions with my mom and others, but it hurt me too. And currently, in death, he wants to make things "good" between us now by 'overseeing' the construction of a new shed, (I'll let you know if that happens on that if we get a shed) or keeping us safe when we fell trees for firewood at my mountain home or even watching my dogs when they play. It is amazing he cares still and in spirit is still with me! He has always loved trees as I do and hope he will help me keep them healthy during our drought. I will also have to see if there is water damage in the kitchen of my new home, under the floor near the pipes, like he reported to you.

The relief from this knowledge has been and is continuing to sweep over me. Dad left me emotionally when I was a preteen but I feel like I finally have him back in my life and welcome him with love!
Tamara and I have been friends about 12 years give or take, and I have known for years you are psychic, but did not realize you spoke to dead people. I realize we mostly talk about other things like, "art" and dogs. But meeting you the day after Christmas and for you to give me this reading, was truly one of the BEST gifts I have ever received!

I thank you for finally feeling comfortable enough to open up and use your ability to help people on both sides. In this reading was actual healing took place due to your mediumship. I am so glad you invited my family to join us from your house to the restaurant in Monroe, and to the winery and back home.

Many thanks for sharing your gift with me! I will never forget this day! It ranks right up there with my wedding day! That is how important the information you gave me is. I cannot thank you enough for re-connecting me with my family. I realize I am still important to them and I love my mom and dad just like it was yesterday. I have so much closure with them now! Thank you for sharing your special gift with me and I encourage you to continue sharing it to help bring joy and happiness to others.

You really are special! Much love, your grateful friend.”
Rusty D. - Animal Artist, Charlotte, NC


"Tamara was amazingly patient and focused during my reading. She was kind, attentive, easy to talk to, very positive, and caring. She made me feel safe and reassured. I was amazed at what she was able to "see" about my life and the extent to which she was able to convey personal details that she could have had no way of knowing. One example was when Tamara described seeing me in a tropical place (Bahamas) and asked if I had had my heart broken on my honeymoon there. Indeed, in 2008 I was married and honeymooned in the Bahamas. It was on my honeymoon that I first had the inkling that my marriage was doomed to fail and that the person I had just married had not been honest with me about who “he really was” – someone who had not been honest with himself or me. I confirmed that what she saw was accurate, but did not offer her further details. Tamara went on to describe his small red car and some of his negative behaviors. Tamara also gave me some insights into my future. She said that I would work with blind people and meet a man in a couple of years through my job named Eduardo - he would be tall, dark, and handsome yet "not my type" (in fact, I like blondes), but to give him a chance because he would be the love of my life, loyal, loving, and very passionate toward me. It will be interesting to find out how her predictions may manifest in my future. I have had psychic readings before, and Tamara definitely has authentic psychic abilities to see the past, present, future. Tamara was incredibly accurate, intimate, and insightful!"

Katie B. - Psychotherapist, Swing Dancer, Greensboro, NC


"I get a lot of offers from psychics who want to give me a reading. Since I have the ability to connect with my own guides, I almost always say, no. When I met Tamara, I instantly knew that I had to talk to her. I had no idea what was coming, but I knew that it would be awesome. It is VERY, VERY rare that someone has the ability to call me on my own BS (basically point out something I'm totally missing). I spend all day providing this service for others, but Tamara hit me right between the eyes. And she was spot on. In some cases, I didn't even know how correct she was until a few days later.

Tamara is definitely very skilled at reading energy. Not only is the information she translates of incredible value, but she's personable, funny, fun to talk to and just someone you'd love to have a glass of wine or few with. I really, really enjoyed the session and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. If you're stuck on a decision, need to contact a relative in the afterlife, or just want some clarity in life, do yourself a favor and book a session with her."

Melody F. - Energy Coach/Writer, Barcelona, Spain


 “Aug 14, 2014, I had the pleasure of meeting my last client of the day at my job as a Massage Therapist. Tamara flew the doors open in the massage room and let me know my deceased mother followed her in the bathroom here and she had a lot to tell me. LOL! I am quite familiar with Clairvoyants, Mediums, and Psychics, so I listened very carefully and for the next 90-minutes, I was blown away!
Tamara told me she does not read people when she is “off duty” but that my mother was so strong coming through that she had to get me her message. So, Tamara began to give me unworldly information as she was on the massage table. Tamara got my mother’s name plus lots of evidence, a cat I owned name and description, my grandfather’s name and the name of my sister that had passed at birth some 58 yrs. ago. No one has ever said her name to me during all of the readings I’ve experienced over the years. My sister’s name was, Ellen Mary. She was mentally challenged. Tamara even got that she was sweet and a little slow.

The most touching part of the reading was the fact she brought up my 13th birthday present, which my Mom had saved up for. She even said the gift was bought with “green stamps” and the remaining balance total she had to pay to get it for me. This was a memory I have spoken about often throughout the years. My mother wanted to celebrate me “becoming a woman” by her getting me a portable record player and having a big neighborhood birthday party for me. When Tamara described the gold portable record player to me, I got teary. I joked with Tamara and asked her to give me the name of the record that came with the player. Tamara actually took me seriously and said, “I will try”. Then she actually told me the song we were playing on the record player and said, “Bobby Sherman”, and my sister had his records. I used to sing” Julie, Julie, Julie”, do you love me to my sweet Sheltie years ago. Bingo! How did she do that!

Another part of the reading involved the description of the exact car my Mom would drive us to school in. Tamara described it down to the chrome! It was a blue and white 57’ Chevy wagon! It was an amazing reading. She is the most gifted and accurate medium, besides John Edwards, that I have ever seen. I don’t remember the massage I gave her, but I hope she enjoyed it!”

Many thanks from the heart,
Carolyn R. - Massage Therapist, Huntersville, NC


"I had an amazing reading by Tamara! She is so funny and lively that I never felt uncomfortable with her looking into my personal life.
I believe 6 exact names of people came through one of which was my grandma, Mryda, who was my everything to me. She left me when I was 12. Tamara said her names sound like, Lynda. Close enough! Never before had any psychic been able to have my nana come through. Tamara was told by my Nana what she used to tell me growing up, "Remember you are a lady!" Tamara told me my grandmother taught me manners and etiquette. Which she did! That was "her thing" and hit close to home for me. 

Also, Tamara told me, "Earl" was coming through and asked me who he was. I was shocked to hear that name! It was my husband's grandfather, who passed only 3 weeks prior! She told me detailed things he said. He came through loudly and was just as fun and animated as he was in life from the other side! Apparently, he hangs around my home and kids a lot and takes pride in helping around here. An example Tamara told me... She said I was putting up a fence. I said that was true. Tamara said Earl is saying they are going to put our gate portion of the fence in "back-asswards" and "it ain't right". Three days later that exact thing happened! The contractors put the gate incoming toward me, not away from me the way it should be. Tamara and Earl were right! Back-asswards, haha. Tamara could see he was wearing overalls, which is all he would wear and his blue eyes. He told Tamara that he gave my husband those "blue eyes". Sure enough, my husband has pretty blue eyes too! Tamara said he is giving me homegrown tomatoes. She asked what that meant. Earl always grew his own vegetables and commonly gave us food he grew. So, Tamara saw this as a "love gift". That was very special.

She also said Earl told me that I needed to, "Cut that boy's hair, it's wild". Earl was close to my boys and yes, one of my boys needed a haircut in a bad way. It was funny how his personality came through exactly like he was and how he cares so much about us still. That was neat! In the reading, Tamara got to know my family and my life through this one reading! She will forever be a friend. I have worked with several psychics and I can tell you she is amazing, fun, lively and has an amazing gift to help and share with others!"

Cathy B - Group Leader of Utah Paranormal Society & Host of Utah Radio, Salt Lake, Utah


“Thank you, Tamara, for the connection you brought to me with my mom during your live medium demonstration in Aiken, South Carolina. After some time to think about it, I do think the guy friend that was trying to come through was an old buddy of mine John Gainey. I just could not recall till now. I can validate you were definitely connecting to my mom and him. Thank you and God bless you for your gifts to relay these messages.”

Mary Clark – Educator, Aiken, SC


"Tamara is an amazing, warm, caring and positive spiritual being. I am myself a very spiritual person that has been attracting psychics, mediums, etc. when there is a reason for that when I need to hear the message and refocus on my path of life, go back inside myself and rediscover myself all over again. Tamara is very gifted and I could sense right away she is very real and honest with what she does. I did not know Tamara before the reading. It was a "cold reading". She did not search for answers but gave me detailed information as she got it. She nailed quite a few things, right out of the blue, like my relationship with my grandmother, mom, dad, how many siblings I had and how I was the middle child. Much of what she told me was personal to me and only I would know this information. She also told me about my girlfriend's personality and where that fits into my life goals. Tamara discussed what she thought my life career path was, which was in the field of "the body and balance". She said I was going to create my own system of that. Somewhat of a metaphysical workout that would heal people's body and mind. She was spot on about that. She gave me validation for me to keep pursuing this area of my life. She also told me to use the pains of my childhood to empower me and to let it give me compassion for others. That helped me to let the negative part of my childhood go and to embrace my past for positive reasons.

She definitely can help you to understand and to see the bigger picture. We all have a purpose in life; she can help you to focus on it. We are all supposed to create a fulfilled life for ourselves, full of love. She helped me to connect with that. Thanks, Tamara for your time and energy, thank you for the funny and positive way of expressing your messages. I'm sure you will transform many lives."

Lukasz D. - Fitness Model/Health Coach, lives in Ukraine and Florida


“I would like to thank Tamara Caulder Richardson and the team at WWPN radio for the opportunity to have a live broadcast reading from Tamara. My reading was very important and reflective for me in my life’s situation. She brought it all together in a spiritually enlightening and comforting way. Many psychics have commented to me that I can be quite hard to read but Tamara did a fabulous job and was very accurate regarding specific circumstances. 

 Regarding the work and career aspects of the reading - she was accurate. At present, I cannot work due to legal reasons but when I lived over in England my main type of work was secretarial. That kind of work is very boring to me. I am very passionate about writing. Tamara validated that I would work myself over to the world of authors and publishes a book. That was so inspiring to hear because writing really excites my inner soul! 

Tamara, m reading has changed me for the better! This reading has allowed me to set personal boundaries for myself, and to break free from the mental shackles. I appreciate your, time, kindness and your honesty.” 

Kindest regards,
Hazel Anni - Mother, Administrative, England, and New Hampshire


Thank you for the reading on Thursday. It was great to hear from my recent ancestors, especially my grandma, Katie Latimore. When you were talking about her on some levels, I had doubt, because I only knew my grandma as a woman of faith and very vocal about her love of "her Jesus." However, when I talk to my mama she said her mama use to listen to the gramophone and listen to jazz with her sister Sadie. What?! I did know it was her in the reading, cause kept comparing her body to mine in the reading as she did in life. That was so neat to hear about grandma talking about her young, sassy, jazz club days! It gives me another vantage point to write poems from. 

Also, hearing from my dad was really hard, because we never connected in this lifetime. I always said he did not like me even though he loved me, but to hear him say through you: "I did not understand her" was very healing for me. Thank you so much, Tamara!"

Glenis R. - Arts and Science Council Rep, Greenville, SC


"Tamara, Thank you for the reading yesterday! It was a delight to connect with my brother-in-law who passed away when he was only 51. The name you said "Jess...Jessie" then you said a flower... Rose. My sister's name is "Rose, her husband Steve (real name, Jess) and I had a pack. We knew he was dying of throat cancer. He promised me if he ever could let me know he was okay, he would. I believe the man you saw with his arms out to both of us with roses and named Jess, was him. He always gave my sister roses whether it be their anniversary or jewelry with roses on it because of her name. 
One of the other men you spoke with was my Dad, which as you indicated was closer to my sister and did prefer Florida over Charlotte. He did plant a row of rose bushes along Rose's back yard fence in Steve's (Jess) memory.

I called my sister who misses Steve (Jess) and told her about your reading. She wishes he would come to her but was so happy to know he came to me through your reading.
Thanks for the info you gave me on the antiques we collect and sell at our store and their history of having spirit connections to them. Also, thanks for the house blessing.
I told my husband about the antique monkey ornament with a banana that you mentioned earlier before leaving my house. Then after you left, he walked in with a monkey statue that you described. He is not a skeptic now! LOL!

Thanks also for telling me about my departed friend "Victoria" with short red hair. Yes, she did buy a framed picture from my store of a flapper in a white dress and a crystal antique floor lamp. I am glad to know she is here in the shop with me sometimes.
Yes, she really loved being here and she did dance a lot when she was in! Glad to know she is not sick anymore and dancing in the afterlife!"

Thank you dearly,
Karen H. - Antique Store Owner and Author, Charlotte, NC


“I first met Tamara when she was a guest on a paranormal radio show giving live medium readings. I really liked her fun energy, and she is incredibly easy to talk to. I have talked to many psychics mediums before, but Tamara is so upbeat and kind. Some of the other psychics I have talked to where abrasive and rude, others would just give “yes or no” answers and not explain anything in detail, or give me any evidence. Tamara was also incredibly professional. She will tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear, but when she does tell you something you may not want to hear, she says it kindly. I cannot even begin to tell you how correct she was on both my readings with her, one on the air, and later I hired her for a longer reading. On the radio show, she was able to pick up my children’s ages, details about my husband and his family, including names and occupations. Tamara was so spot-on that I couldn't help but purchase a reading from her. On our second reading, she picked up details about a "handsome, charismatic guy behind a computer desk with earrings" that I should not trust in business since his motives were not honorable. I was amazed she was able to do that. He is a guy I met that wanted to do business with my husband and I. I felt there wasn't something kosher with the guy, and Tamara confirmed my suspicions.

Also, Tamara connected with my husband’s side of the family with lots of detailed information that there was no way she could know. She was even able to tell me, my kids, their names, what their rooms were like, what shoes they wore, and where they sat in the car. She told me that my youngest son loves the goofy sneakers I put him in. I had a lot of moments of laughter because she was so correct. When I asked her about my business, Tamara said she saw me going into another business, and explained my new cosmetics business to a tee! I was so surprised that she was even able to tell me the packaging I am using in my brand. She knew nothing about this career of mine. I was shocked! At one point she was able to call upon my biological father, whom I had not even known had passed away, she explained what he looked like exactly, and even explained his lifestyle and personality! I was absolutely shocked.

Tamara is really amazing! I was blown away at the accuracy and also how much her spiritual insights have helped me in my life!
Angie P. - Entrepreneur and Mother of two, Las Vegas, NV


"I must admit I am ALWAYS a skeptic but after meeting and talking with Tamara, I know she is sincere and truly gifted. Tamara started by asking me only one question completely unrelated to my past or any of my questions regarding the future to which I briefly replied and she promptly told me to stop, asking that I provide no additional information. At that point, she not only accurately described my childhood to me but she also told me about events I never before told anyone. Tamara described detailed past events that happened to me with 100% accuracy and without asking me any lead-in questions. She only asked me "yes or no" type of questions from this point. The information she provided was very personal and confidential, including personal descriptions and situations that happened in my past that I only knew about. In fact, I had never spoken of my childhood to anyone before. Tamara was very concerned about being sensitive to my feelings while providing me with such delicate and personal information, all in an effort to help me with my highest life journey and purpose. 

She also mentioned things about, my then-current relationship, which had not yet come to light. While she was completely accurate with my past, I again was quick to be skeptical of what she told me would occur with this person I was dating. Two months later I found out things in my current relationship that she had also accurately predicted. While this was definitely not something I wanted to happen, Tamara gave me this portion of my reading in such a supportive way indicating that she never liked to provide hurtful information but felt I needed to know that something better lie ahead for me. I dismissed this portion of the reading...as anyone who didn't like what they heard would...until just recently when everything she predicted and warned me about came to light, just as she envisioned. 

Tamara is truly a gifted individual. She not only is friendly and wonderfully personable but she is a very empathetic and caring individual. I would definitely urge anyone curious in obtaining a reading to contact Tamara. She is honestly the real deal! 

Tamara, thank you for being a true friend and absolute blessing to me!!"
Lisa P. - Sr. Hospital Administrator, Greenville, SC


My reading with Tamara was nothing but short of AMAZING! Throughout the reading, Tamara was able to communicate with my family members who have passed on. It was really great to see my relatives still have their great sense of humor and it really does feel as if they are right next to you in the room. Tamara was very thorough and she really covered a lot during our time together. I was truly fascinated by the whole experience. I felt at ease knowing that my loved ones are okay and doing well in the afterlife. I highly recommend you contact Tamara for a reading, it’s a positive and healing - life-changing experience! Thank you so much."

Follow-up Letter:
"It was really fun talking to you and I loved being able to get in touch with my older brother and grandmother. I was shocked by how you confirmed how they both passed and how they both gave you their names and personal information. I hope you got my testimonial. It's really hard to put the experience into words - except AMAZING! Anyway, please come back anytime!"

Karen L. - Massage Therapist, Charlotte, NC


“I had a reading with, Tamara Caulder Richardson by calling into a radio show where she was doing live medium readings over the air. Overall, I am skeptical beyond belief, almost “detective-like” with trying to find errors or flaws. I have to say the reading I received shocked and surprised me, to the point that even now, a couple of months late, more things are coming out that was mentioned in the reading and are coming to fruition, with little to no input or influence from me. From the bickering of tire cost a month after the reading, to messages from my deceased twin boys coming through, and even family members, with names mentioned, reaching out to me that were mentioned would. Of all that was spoken of, did happen. The tire issue amazed me. Tamara did stress to me to not get “cheap tires” but to spend more on safer tires. Sure enough, a month later the company I work for was trying to get the cheapest tires available as opposed to the quality ones. Finally, with no input from me but rather the car repair shop, the company relented and got the better, safer tires.

The most startling bit of evidence was when Tamara mentioned a horrible accident that I was almost in, where something jerked my steering wheel to avoid hitting a truck. The worse part was it was snowing and I was sure to go sliding off the road. Tamara said “two boy angels” were on either side of the car making sure I did not go off the embankment I asked, “Two boy angels?” She said, “Yes, they go in pairs with you where-ever you go!” Tamara did not know that I lost my two newborn twin sons to a car accident with my mom driving. My mom lived but my two boys did not. That is why they are so concerned I have safe tires for my own safety. Where I used to live we get lots of snow and the weather can get quite bad.

Tamara was very concise with her reading and I could honestly say I was shaking in acknowledgment that what she was seeing and speaking was amazingly accurate. To-date, it is a common occurrence to feel my sons around me and their love. Without the reading, I am not sure if I would have been so open to knowing they are around me all the time. After losing my sons at such a young age, I have always wondered if they were okay. Now I know that they are in God’s hands and with other family members in heaven. I have a sense of closure that I have not had because of the reading from Tamara.

My heart is full again. Thank you.”
Jeff S. - IT Business Management, Woodstock, VT


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