Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium


Christian Evidential Medium and Messenger from Heaven

Southerneze - How to Speak Southern

(22) Common Southern Phrases:

"I reckon it will be a long day." (to suppose, think, guess, ponder)

"We are eatin' high on the hog." (to be prosperous, come into money)

"You are not just whistlin' dixie!" (to agree with someone emphatically)

"She has a bee in her bonnet." (someone is very upset and has an issue with something or someone)

"After getting a no response, her teenager daughter threw a hissy-fit!" (created a fit of anger, was unconsolable)

"Keep your panties on." (to be in a big rush)

"Barbara Ann got as mad as a hornet when she got the overcharges on her bill." (very upset and angry)

"Tammy Mae and Billy Bob are going to big shin-dig tonight!" (a fancy event where you dress-up and socialize)

"Heck, Virgil's as jumpy as a frog!" (someone who is filled with anxiety to the point they are making rash decisions)

"After winning the Georgia lottery, the Young's are as happy as a pig rollin' in the mud." (ecstatically happy)

"Those two were really passing words." (quarreling or arguing between two people)

"That women acted so ugly to the staff." (acting mean-spirited, hostile, rude)

"The light is changing, so goose-it." (to get out of the way very quickly)

"She just runs her mouth too much" (to spread cabal or gossip)

"We are heading over to Tennesse to get some of that swamp dew." (homemade southern liquor called, moonshine)

"His communication style is as smooth as a baby's bottom." (slick, or smooth talker)

"After Betty Sue took up with a younger man, and she cut Junior's heartstrings." (to emotionally break someone's heart)

"Lilly was strutin' like a peacock after her husband got her a new corvette." (arrogant, cocky, full of oneself)

"Travis had a mouth full of it." (someone who is talking smack, exaggerating)

"Lulu was lit up like a firecracker." (this can mean two things; either someone who is upset about something, or drunk)

"I am a fixin' to____________________ (list adjective here).
For Example: I am a fixin' to go to the beauty parlor and see my stylist, Riley Jo, and get my hair done-up good.

"Bless her heart, ___________________ (fill in gossip here).
For Example: Bless her heart, she just found out her husband's been a cheatin' on her with the cashier at the Piggy Wiggly.

I hope you had a good time learning how to speak Southerneze. I thought we would have a little fun. Knowing how to laugh and have fun is essential in opening up ourselves to life's precious moments, healing the past and appreciating the present.

​Love y'all!