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Southern Fun Facts!

(10) Southern Fun Facts You May Not Know

1) What part of the South is considered the "Deep South"?
The term "Deep South" generally refers to these states: North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

2) What does Dixie mean?
Dixie, or Dixieland, is a nickname for the Southern United States, south of the Mason–Dixon line. However nowadays, "Dixie" just means the good 'ole Southern part of the USA.

3) Which Southern state holds the record for most American Idol finalists coming from?
North Carolina, which where I am from. You gotta a lot of talent in the Carolina y'all!

4) Is there a location in the South that is inhabited by wild horses?
Yeap, there is. Nearly 200 wild horses roam about freely on Cumberland Island, Georgia.

5) How many streets are named, "Peachtree" in Atlanta, Georgia?
A whooping 71 streets. No wonder Southern streets can be so confusin'!

6) Why is New Orleans referred to, "Cities of the Dead"?
Well, 'Orleans is below sea level. Therefore, the city could not bury their dead for fear they would wash-up and float to land. So they devised a system above ground in building tombs to house the deceased.

7) What Southern city had the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history?
The Great Galveston Texas Storm of 1900 resulted in 6,000-8,000 deaths due to this hurricane off the Gulf Coast.

8) Which Southern city has more beer breweries per capita than anywhere else in the US?
Since 1994, breweries have been popping up on every corner in downtown Asheville, North Carolina bringing it to over thirty breweries to choose from to get some homemade brew!

9) Where does the largest living cat live"
The largest living cat named "Hercules", (which is a mix of a male lion and female tiger) lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at a wildlife reserve. Hercules stands at 49" and 131" long, weighing in at 922 lbs. It is reported that he eats 20 lbs. of chicken a day. That is one big boy and a whole lotta Kibbles and Bits!

10) What Southern state is the peach and strawberry capital in the United States?
The winner is, South Carolina, which produces 3x more peaches than Georgia. Gaffney, SC is a popular stop to get homegrown peaches each season. The city even has a giant peach for a water tank. And, each year, Rock Hill, SC has an Annual Strawberry Festival where you can pick your own fresh strawberries and even get a photo taken with the Strawberry Festival mascot.

Howdy, Y'all!

For six generations, The South, which has been my "Home Sweet Home" my whole life is affectionally known for the kindness of the people (we are huggers and we are generally polite). Us, Southerners are known for our hospitality and enjoy feeding you big meals that include - fried chicken, cornbread, pinto beans with onions of the top, and bacon-grease seasoned greens. We love sweet Tea served in Mason jars with a slice of lemon, where we spend long summer days listening to cicadas at night while smelling fresh-cut sweet grass with our faithful dog on one side of us and our Bible, or beer - or both on the other, we don't know a stranger and if we did it is not for long.

The South is known for its charm and warmth of the people. I am proud to be called a Southerner, and a North Carolinian, and an American.

Blessings and love,