Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium


Christian Evidential Medium and Messenger from Heaven

My Book - Love from Heaven

This book was brought into existence because of the need to tell my personal story of my six near-death experiences. In this book, I cover how these life-changing events occurred and what was going on in my life at the time. I speak of how at five years old, I spent three days with Jesus in Heaven after dying of pneumonia and being put in an induced coma. Jesus taught me many things while I was in Heaven. I can say, "It is a real place full of abundant love, and where we will see our loved ones again and pets!" 

Jesus told me we create with our thoughts (or minds) on earth and in Heaven. He said it is more instant in Heaven to manifest things but takes longer on earth. That is why he said we must be careful of our thoughts to make sure we are positive and manifest the things that give us joy and that support us in life.

In, Love from Heaven, I also go into the childhood abuses that I received that led up to my near-death experiences. I spent a great deal of time in conflict whether or not to discuss this publically. However, I strongly believe that these childhood mental and sexual abuses created the stage to have these near-death experiences. They also changed the path of who I am today in determination, drive, and compassion. I have turned out to be "a fighter" for myself and for others. In a strange way, it made me more humble and understanding of people, especially women, suffering from childhood abuses. I figured if I was not ashamed to discuss this, then it might pave the road to others addressing and healing their past abuses.

I also discuss some of life's mysteries and what I feel the nature of spirit and spiritual realms are, why we are here, what God is, and how I saw life occurring in various dimensions simultaneously.  After reflecting upon my near-death experiences, how it affected my decisions along the way, and now how I hold life more sacred. 

Also, I go into the aftereffects of my near-death experiences and how being psychic, seeing and communicating with spirit people since age three, was not only normal for me, but I took comfort in having ascended (not earth-based) spirit friends around me, supporting me. I have always had guidance from Heaven, yet we all do if we pay attention to the signs and observe the details in our dreams, or waking dreams. 

I discuss the angelic realm, and how angels interacted in my near-death experiences to save me, evidence they are still working in my life now. And how, angels, God, Jesus, saints, and our loved ones in Heaven are working in our favor to aid us in this life, right now.  

As I always say, "Just Know... We All Have a Fan Club In Heaven!"

Stayed tuned for the release date of my book. I also have other books and seminars in the works that I feel will help others in this world with clear honesty and spiritual direction. 

“I love talking about my time in Heaven with Jesus, as well as, bringing family members together in a spiritual reunion with messages of love from the other side. That loving bond continues from this world into the next."

 -Tamara Caulder Richardson

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From my book, "Love from Heaven," Foreword from “Jesus”
Divinely Channeled by Tamara Caulder Richardson on June 22, 2017:

“For it is not heaven or earth that divides us but the intolerances we have with each other.

For love is always tolerant, kind, and looks for the greater outcome for all concerned.

After all, is said and done, life IS everlasting; God IS, You Are and I Am – We are ALL connected to something greater than just ourselves. “It’s not just about YOU.”

Life is more than segments of particular moments in time, but combined, simultaneous actions occurring without time and limits, to work for the greater good of God’s will. For HIS will is always perfect.”