Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium


Christian Evidential Medium and Messenger from Heaven

Hire Tamara for your Next Speaking or Entertainment Event!

Kick-off your next corporate or speaking event with the humor
​and many talents of, The Southern Belle Medium!

Whether Tamara is on stage speaking about her six near-death experiences, how Heaven is a place of abundant love and what it is like, and then giving evidence to audiences that Heaven is real, or speaking at a self-empowerment conference about not being a victim but living in the now and how to manifest the most positive life that will give you the most joy... Tamara can offer all of that, and more! She can also tailor a perfect message to stimulate and excite your specific audience for your next corporate convention, conference, seminar or event - online or in-person!
Or, if you are looking for a talent that entertains smaller groups (150-300) as like for charity events, she's personable with intimate audiences. Or, if you need Tamara to entertain on larger stages at convention centers before the masses, Tamara has experience in doing both - with ease, professionalism, and with tons of energy!
If you have an important event that needs a top-level speaker/entertainer that can add a unique flair to the event that will win over your audiences... hands-down you need Tamara! She is a seasoned speaker, a writer, and author, a business marketing executive with a unique ability to speak to those that have crossed over, and with her own six near-death experiences she has also been a spirit, and been to Heaven herself, where she met and spoke to Jesus, and still does.  (See her site, www.christacademyoflove.com)
In summary, Tamara has 30 years of experience being hired by corporations, charities, and speaking to large gatherings across the nation. She knows how to engage various types of audiences, and how to maneuver her time on stage with audience participation and interest, laughter, on-time and on budget.
Tamara Caulder Richardson - better known and loved as, The Southern Belle Medium, can bring joy, inspiration and a next-level of entertainment to your upcoming event that will motivate, engage and have your audiences wanting more!
Well, Tamara often says, "We All Have a Fan Club in Heaven!™" but as for Tamara, she has a very loyal fan club here right here on earth with clients stretching across the entire United States, throughout Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain. Her Southern-Belle charm and genuine approach are endearing to people of all kinds.

Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium

6x Near-Death Experiencer, Evidential Psychic Medium, Stage Entertainer, Channeler of Heaven & Jesus, Ordained Christian Minister, Author of - Love from Heaven, Afterlife & Inspirational Speaker and Writer, Business Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Teacher and "Celebrity for Jesus"

Event Managers, and agents, are encouraged to send your conference or event requirements regarding your next event to the attention of, Donna Jackson at: [email protected].com . She will contact you via email within three business days. Thank you for your interest!